Product Of The Week: Marcelle Rouge Xpression Cream Lipsticks In 3 Must-Wear Red Hues

Back in the day, I only wore red lipstick and a wide toothy smile in front of the camera. When I look back at those pictures, I can’t help but think of how cute I looked. Granted it was over 15 years ago and I had more collagen then, but it does make me wonder when I stopped both: the rouge lippie and the big grins.

Lucky, everything in beauty is cyclical and a great ruby hue never goes out of style. You can thank the suffragettes for that. So I’m reinventing my youth with Marcelle Rouge Xpression Cream Lipsticks in “Spiced Red,” “Deep Red” and “Cherry Red.”

Sure, I could ease into this old/new me with just one colour, but when the avocado and omega-6 oil-infused formulas of each shade smooth on so easily and help prevent dry, flaky, cracked lips why not put down the lip balm for a minute and use them all. Plus I like having variety.

The Spiced Red is softer than the other two tubes and gives my t-shirt and jeans (okay, sweatpants), weekend wear a little class. Deep Red has intense blue undertones making it the perfect pairing with black mascara and my closet full of sweater dresses for meetings. As for Cherry Red, well I’m saving that one with it’s Bing-like appeal for date night, next week’s date night to be exact. Since it will be our first, there won’t be any PDA so my lippie needs to look and stay intact. After all, just because we won’t be smooching doesn’t mean I don’t want him fixated on my lips…

Marcelle Rouge Xpression Cream Lipstick in “Spiced Red,” “Deep Red” and “Cherry Red,”from $12 each, available online at drugstores.

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