Gucci Westman Gives Us the Lowdown on Jennifer Aniston’s Dramatic Haircut

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Gucci Westman, gave us the scoop on her BFF Jennifer Aniston's new edgy makeover and her top makeup must haves.

29Secrets: You’ve done the makeup for 32 Vogue covers. What makes a successful cover beauty look?

Gucci Westman: From me it’s only a challenge if you can make the person look slightly different to what we’re used to seeing them as. They still look gorgeous but more beautiful than ever.

29: Jennifer Aniston says you inspired her new haircut. Is that true?

GW: Well, I guess I can admit I was really pushy. We did a shoot a few months ago and she was like, ‘I love your hair’. And I was like, ‘you have to cut [yours]’. You’re at a certain age where it’s cuter to cut your hair, you will look so young and fresh and I told her you’re a trendsetter. Like people love her for her hair. You know it’s a big part of her and I was saying, ‘you have been doing this [hairstyle] forever and we’ve got to move on’. Then we got our ears pierced!

29: So how did the ear piercing come about?  Was that just spontaneous?

GW: That happened because we were getting ready. I was doing her make-up and I was telling her … I want to pierce the cartilage on my ear and she was, ‘like so do I!’ Chris McMillan knew this girl … then six of us ended up getting our ear pierced. It was like an epidemic.  I was like the only major ingredient missing was something to cut the edge like a glass of champagne or something. It was a little stressful and we were all sitting there and there was nothing to make it a little less painful. We were saying we should get a little friendship earring, like a little J and G.

29: That would be really cute! So you are friends with a lot of your celebrity clients?

GW: Yeah, a lot. Cameron Diaz is very close; she is my sons’ godmother. You know I guess it naturally happens when you are spending a certain so much time with someone.

29: What are your top make-up must haves?

GW: You have to get my Revlon Evening Opulance collection, which is in the stores now. It’s really pretty, festive and it’s great for holiday. 

I’m a big fan of CC creams and BB creams because I think at a certain age it’s not about going to crazy with your makeup. It’s about showing how well you are aging and how great your skin looks. Adding some luminosity makes the world of difference.

Every women needs to have good bronzer that’s not shimmery and not too orange, it has to be a good terracotta.

29: Is there a trend you are seeing right now at this moment on red carpets, with make-up?

GW: Red carpets I think you should avoid to look at for trends. I am not into red carpet for trends. I think that they definitely are not so inspiring. I feel like there is a lot happening online with all these beauty bloggers because I feel like they are on the pulse. They know what’s happening because they are invested. 

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