Summer Beauty Product Must-Haves

You know what they say: trends may come and go, but looking unsweaty never goes out of style. Ok, no one says that, but it’s true. Once the temperature starts to soar, you’ll want beauty products that keep you looking cool and collected. Add these heat-beating tools to your arsenal and keep them in your handbag for on the road touch-ups.

Replace hand cream with… sunscreen

Get a small bottle of sunscreen for touch-ups throughout the day, since sunscreen is only effective for a couple of hours. On days that you spend most of your time indoors, you’ll still need to reapply SPF to your face and your hands (especially since your hands get washed so often). Try: RoC Soleil Protexion Velvet Moisture Face SPF 30, $22, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Replace perfume with… deodorant and/or body spray

It’s a little silly that we don’t carry anti-perspirant around more often, actually. Think about it: we merrily swipe on some deo at home, before proceeding to wander into a cloud of smog and humidity on our way to work. Stay BO-free with a travel-sized deodorant stick and use a body spray for a sweet-smelling refresher. Try: Nivea Pearl & Beauty Anti-Perspirant, $4.39, at drugstores.

Replace a powder compact with… blotting papers

Powder overload is not a good look. Mop up excess oil with some easy-to-tote papers instead. If you crave a matte finish, look for the papers that leave a subtle trace of powder behind (not a cakey mess). If you’re more worried about looking flushed, a small facial water spray will help cool you down when you’re stuck on the subway or just need to polish up quickly after getting overheated. Try: Bobbi Brown Blotting Papers, $27, at Holt Renfrew and Murale

Replace foundation with… Primer and a dab of concealer

Do you really want to fight a losing battle? Sure, the less is more mantra isn’t for everybody, but some days, you just have to accept that your maximum-coverage foundation is not going to stay put. Even everything out with primer and use concealer to do damage control on the spots that really need it. Try: Stila Hydrating Primer with SPF 15, $45, available at Sephora and Murale

Replace lipstick with… tinted lip balm

Lipstick is great, but it’s not exactly suited to an outdoor lifestyle. Get a lip balm with a bit of colour and some SPF for that better-than-natural look. Try: M.A.C Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in Petting Pink, $14.50, available at


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