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If your guy is obsessed with technology (cell phone, video games, iPad, etc), then you’ve probably spent one too many dinner dates across from your partner’s gadget du jour, staring blindly as he texts, emails, or tweets his way into a night on the couch. But it’s time to put an end to the technology tiffs. Here are five ways to deal with your partner’s adulterous, inanimate-object-affair.

Spill it

Ok, so you feel a little silly saying you’re jealous of a Blackberry. Fair enough. But it’s important that you explain how you feel. Tell you partner that his constant texting and emailing isn’t simply annoying, but makes you feel unappreciated and undervalued. He may not realize the seriousness of the situation until you talk to him about it.

Set boundaries

Elbows and iPhones off the table! There’s a place and a time to pull out a phone, and the space between bruschetta and braciola isn’t one of them. Come up with rules that work for both of you. Suggest a few times when the phone must absolutely be away”like during dinner, a show, or while entertaining friends”but try to be sensitive to his needs.

Get him to dial in – to you

Why is your guy so glued to his gadgets? Is it work or play? Either way, try to help him reorganize and reprioritize so he can unplug once and a while. Suggest he schedule off times when colleagues and friends know he’ll be unavailable. Help him organize his mobile mail so he can keep track of ins and outs, and won’t have to needlessly check his phone.

Plan out-of-range activities

Rather than just asking him to power off now and then, why not plan some fun activities to do while disconnected? Pick something that would require you to ditch the data anyway. Indoor rock climbing or a trip to the skating rink are great options. It’ll help get his mind off his missed calls, and be a great way for you to spend some time together.

Join ˜em!

Sometimes, he’s just going to have to take that call”there’s no way around it. But rather than just stewing on your own displeasure, why not join in some of the addictive fun? Expand your contact list and pick a text-to friend, or else indulge in a few mindless games. Warning”Tetris users are knows to develop serious dependencies.

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