Fragrance Of The Month: Elie Saab, Girl of Now EDP

Us to no one: “Oooh look,” as our index finger points to Elie Saab’s latest perfume, Girl of Now.

Us: nod in agreement as we look in the direction of our pointing finger.

Us thinking to ourselves: “It’s so pretty,” as we pick up the heavy glass, jewel-like flacon and hold it up to the light. Between the robin’s egg blue-filled gold petals encircling the top to the engraved pleats at the base, we can’t remember the last time a bottle lured us in like this. A flash of light bouncing off the spattering of gold letters spelling out the designer’s name has us blinking.

Us wondering: Did the bottle just wink at us?

Us to no one: “Definitely.”

Us silently: uncap the gold topper and spritz the eau de parfum on our wrists. We let its teeny tiny droplets dry before bringing our wrists to our nose and inhaling. Deeply. Wafts of pear, mandarin orange and pistachio dazzle with their fresh and sunny warmth. Next, creamy almonds and sweet magnolia and orange blossoms burst forward before being enveloped into a heady and spicy blend of tonka bean, cashmeran, patchouli and almond milk for a sultry finish. The overall effect is gorgeous, playful and, of course, oh so meant for us.

Which is exactly what we tell ourselves when we spritz a little more on.

Elie Saab Girl of Now EDP, $149 for 90 ml, available August 10, 2022 at SDM Hudson’s Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart stores.


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