How to Wear False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are a fun way to change your everyday look. There is an large array of colours and textures: from the subtle to the outrageous, fake lashes have become a beauty accessory of choice.

Lashes now come jewelled, criss-crossed and feathered. You can even have them professionally applied by a makeup artist or eyelash technician.

Expect a pair to run anywhere from $20 for a drugstore brand to up to $350 to have semi-permanent synthetic lash extensions adhered one by one by a professional.

For those who aren’t ready to make a huge financial investment or time commitment for the upkeep of semi-permanent lashes, here’s a guide to get started at home:

1.Trim the false lashes. If they’re wider than your eye, trim lashes individually from one end. Lashes should be longer towards the outer corner of the eye. The lash length should vary slightly to give a more natural appearance.

2. Squeeze eyelash glue onto the back of your hand and dip the eyelash into the glue. Pick the lashes up with tweezers and bring them as close to your natural lash line as possible. Make sure there is very little gap between your real eyelashes and the false ones.

3. Press from end to end and hold until the glue dries”usually it takes about 30 seconds to a minute, depending on the glue. You want to make sure the lash stays in place.

4. Curl your lashes and then apply mascara. This will help blend the false lashes with your own.

5. Camouflage any space between the false lashes and your natural lash line with eyeliner.

After a night on the town, be sure to remove your false lashes before bed. If no special remover came with your lashes, use a washcloth with warm water and hold it over the lashes to loosen the glue. For stubborn lashes, applying some Vaseline can help. Make sure not to tug too hard or you’ll take some of your own lashes off too!

Use your fingers to gently pull off any excess glue from the lashes before storing them in their original container. This will keep them dust-free and help maintain their shape.


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