How to Make Red Lipstick Work For You

Few things vamp up a look like red lipstick, but with such a bold statement it can be a little intimidating to wear it on a regular basis (especially if you’re trying to avoid looking like a cast member of Dallas).  However, with makeup experimentation the new norm, dramatic lips aren’t something to be scared of, so that’s why we’ve given you a couple tips on how to make your bright lips shine.

Know your tone
What may look good on one person may translate terribly onto another, so that’s why before you buy, make sure you compare different hues with your skin tone and teeth colour.  While a pale complexion may stand out with cherry lips, an olive skin tone will be complimented best by something dramatic like crimson.  Also, if you’re opting for a pink shade, remember that pinks and oranges make teeth look less white “ so you may want to steer away completely or whiten before wear.

Dramatic, not costume
When it comes to red lips, there’s a fine line between dramatic and costume-inspired looks, so if you’re hoping to create an aesthetic that’s more alluring than theatre-esque, avoid over-doing the rest of your makeup.  They key is to balance, so if you’re rocking dramatic eyes or flushed cheeks, stay away from dark red lips “ but if you’re if you’re letting your lips do the talking, use minimal liner and shadow, and commit to an intense red shade.  However, if you’re an advocate of liner, be careful: the last thing you want is your lipstick to fade with a visible line present “ it’s the sure fire way to make drama seem comedic.

Match it up
Normally, anything matchy-match is kept taboo, but when it comes to a statement look like red lipstick, you want to avoid clashing with clothes, hair and even nails.  If you’re sporting a crimson dress, it’s best to stay away from a nearly fuchsia shade, and if you’re donning something cherry-toned, you want to avoid dark or brown-based reds.  (Though pairing red with red is a risk in itself “ so seriously consider the look you want before committing.)  The same rules apply for hair and nail colours: while bright pink may seem retro and fun one evening, paired with red lipstick it’s beauty overstimulation.

You won’t always find your ideal colour when cosmetic shopping, so that’s why certain brands have grouped together various tones so you can concoct a shade that’s right for you.  Red lipstick shows that you’re willing to have fun with your look, so why not make the process of putting it together something enjoyable?  For afternoons out (because red lipstick is acceptable in the daytime), opt to mix less for ruby shades.  But for evenings with drama, get creative with warmer tones or plum colours “ after all, if there’s risks to be taken, you might as well take them all.

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