How to Look Thinner By This Weekend

It’s impossible to lose ten pounds in seven days, no matter what those infomercials say. But, if you have a special event (or just a special outfit) that you would like to look a little thinner in, don’t lose hope. It’s not impossible to look a little thinner in a few days. Forget about starvation diets, marathon workouts or anything like a cleansing fast. Just follow a few of the simple tips below.

Try a different size.
Believe it or not, sometimes choosing a pair of jeans or a dress that is a size larger can actually make you look smaller. If you have wide hips or a muffin top, tightly fitting jeans will only accentuate the features you would like to disguise. Don’t go baggy, just play with the illusion. Sometimes this can have the opposite effect though, so experiment. Go shopping before this weekend and try on a size larger to see if this works for you.

Buy Spanx or other controlling underwear.
You may think girdles are for little old ladies but plenty of celebrities rely on them as well. Spanx can smooth and slim you in the places you need to be smoothed and slimmed, making that clingy dress look fantastic instead of just great. You can purchase underwear to slim certain body parts, or just one overall body thinner, for instant slimming by the weekend. Don’t worry about false advertising “ he won’t care!

Stand up straight.
Your mother has probably told you this a million times but it’s true. Standing up straighter, with your tummy muscles tucked in and your back and shoulder properly aligned, will make you look a few pounds thinner by this weekend (standing up straight can take up to 2 inches off your belly). No sit-ups required.

Wear higher heels.
This will make your legs look longer and your butt look firmer. Don’t wear the tallest stilettos you can find, unless you are used to walking in them. Breaking your ankle will not make you look thinner. Just go an inch (possibly two) higher than you usually do and see the immediate improvement – without crash dieting – by this weekend.

Don’t wear anything too tight on problem areas.
If you are convinced your rear view is enormous, don’t wear tight jeans and a cropped top.  To look thinner, wear pants that are slightly loose in the thigh and a longer top when you go out this weekend. No empire waists, please, unless you are pregnant or want to look as if you are. Just a top that is a little longer than waist length. Avoid cutting yourself off at the widest part of your hips if you think your hips and/or thighs are a problem.

Believe it or not, Cosmopolitan magazine recently reported that tweezing your eyebrows correctly can make your face look thinner. If you’re not sure how to tweeze, just go to a beauty salon before the weekend for a little shaping.

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