Beauty Panel Review: essie Gel Couture

When we heard essie was releasing a line of at-home, no lamp, gel polishes we HAD to try them. With essie Gel Couture‘s 42 deeply pigmented shades, a new bottle and brush, the excitement was almost too much to handle. Our Beauty Panel was eager to get their hands on this new product and find out if it lives up to the hype. The two-step application process (two coats of colour and one coat of topcoat) doesn’t require a UV or LED lamp and lasts up to 14 days. Plus, removal is easy, with no soaking, just use a regular nail polish remover. Read on to find out what our Beauty Panel thought about essie Gel Couture¦ 

Sara Koonar, Editor-in-Chief of 29Secrets


I’ll admit, I was pumped to try this gel polish. I do indulge in salon gel manicures, but I have a bad habit of peeling them off (so bad for your nails!), so this is a solution I can get with. First, the pigment is incredible. I probably didn’t even need a second coat. The colour glided on easily and with the new brush the application was completely mess-free. But, the real test was if it was going to chip right away like a regular polish would. I was shocked when a few days later my nails looked just as good as the first day I had applied. And I bite my nails, people! Kudos to essie on mastering a top-notch product I will definitely recommend to all my girlfriends.

Gracie Carroll, fashion and lifestyle blogger


To be honest, I’m not the most skilled person when it comes to a DIY-manicure, but sometimes I really don’t have the time to get to a salon. For this reason, I’m always on the lookout for great nail polish that’s easy to apply, and lasts.

I love that Essie’s new Gel Couture can be applied just like a regular polish (two coats of colour and one coat of topcoat) but without the need of a UV or LED lamp. Plus, no need for soaking when it’s time for removal! I’m a big fan of wearing coral in the summertime so this shade called ‘On The List’ is perfect for me. The new swirly stem brush made the entire application process very easy with minimal mess (normally there’s a lot of mess when I do my own nails), and I’m particularly impressed with how pro my nails look with the super shiny gel-like topcoat.

Deanne Wilder, fashion blogger (MyFashAvenue)


I’m not the type to sit at home and do my own nail polish, especially if it doesn’t last more than two days! So when I was asked to test out essie’s latest Gel Couture line, I was extremely excited because I’ve heard so many great things about it. Their two-step system promises to work just like a chip-resistant gel polish without a UV light, which lasts up to 14 days of wear. Now I’m not the greatest at applying nail polish, but their new wide brush wand design helped the gel spread on evenly, and without much polish going on my skin! I love how long their Gel Couture line lasted on me, without having to break the bank going to a nail salon every other week.

Anne T. Donahue, writer and comedian


Truth be told, I brought this nail polish with me to a manicure because I’m a grown-ass woman who makes her own choices. (Also, it’s what we did for my friend’s bachelorette party so hello.)

So the good news is this: because I can’t function on our planet, I got to re-do a few of my nails when I got home after fishing around for my keys (immediately post-manicure) in my bag. The better news? The polish went on super easy (thank you, wide brush), dried pretty quickly, and looks as shiny in this moment as it did when I applied it a few days ago. Plus, the UV lamp with traditional gel manicures freaks me out a bit, and now I never have to use it. I’ve never felt more alive.

Ashley Kowalewski, 29Secrets Managing Editor


Confession: I am notoriously horrible at painting my nails; the practice of painting within the lines completely fails me. I’ve been a devout essie user for years, but it wasn’t until now with the launch of Gel Couture that I’ve been able to (almost) walk out of my house immediately after applying my latest lacquer choice. Admittedly, it still takes a little bit of precision on my part, but with the tapered brush and quick-drying top coat, it’s making things a little easier, even for this novice. While I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe when it comes to my polish (literally the only change I like in my life is a weekly polish swap), the mess that I unintentionally make during the painting process is reduced thanks to the week-plus wear I get out of Gel Couture, plus with 42 shades to choose from (including my new go-to pink, Signature Smile), I know there’s a colourful swap in my future.

Meghan Yuri Young, writer and influencer


I consistently indulge in monthly gel polish manicures complete because I’m always using my hands when it comes to writing, working out and just being plain clumsy. But after trying out essie Gel Couture, I’ve finally found an at-home system that actually lasts. It’s so easy to use and even after one coat, it’s clear it’s a quality product with intense pigments. I especially love the new brush with its tapered cut that makes a clean application possible every time.

This post was brought to you by essie however the opinions and images are our own.

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