Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Went to the Selena Gomez Concert

Behold! Two people who really want us to know they’re in a relationship. Enter: Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift who, after last week’s rock-filled beach adventure, have been spotted at a Selena Gomez concert.

Vanity Fair snagged fan footage of Taylor, Tom, Abigail and Matt dancing at the singer’s show in Nashville”and let’s keep in mind that Abigail, of course, is Tay’s BFF 4EVER. Damn.

So let’s play a game called “What do you guys think Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have in common?” I’ll go first:

– Public displays of dancing

– Public displays of affection

– Inappropriate beachwear

– A knack for making sure we see their beachwear

– Selfies

– Selfies on rocks

– Blonde hair

– Blue eyes

– LL Bean, I bet

– Saying, “how are you doing these days?” after not seeing someone for a while (I bet)

– Responding to whatever answer they get with, “Aw, well as long as you’re happy”

– Being tall

– At least one nautical-themed room (my hypothesis)

– Staring into each other’s eyes making it uncomfortable for anybody they’re at dinner with

– Being famous

– Guest rooms”I bet they both have a ton

– Acoustic guitars (you know Tom plays, right?)

– Singing with their acoustic guitars (likely at parties where previously, good music had been playing)

– Being very, very earnest (but not in a Lin-Manuel Miranda way)

– Button-up shirts

– Slacks

– Loafers

– Whatever you’re imaging a rich person’s house to look like

– Being able to tell different types of wine apart, but at someone’s house where the person’s just serving what they have on hand

– Baking (I bet they love baking, oh my lord)

– Fireplaces (between them, they have 432)

– “Hiking”

– Did we get to PDA? Because oh wow, PDA

– Rocks! They love the shit out of them!

– Knowing exactly where to look when cameras are in the vicinity

– Knowing their angles

– Cheekbones

– Saying “I do declare!” before any statement

– Selena Gomez music, I guess

– Dancing at the concert to the point of being noticed by strangers

– My indifference

– Horses? I feel like they probably ride horses

– Mimosas

– Being on this list

Your turn!

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