Taylor Swift Might Have Bad Blood with Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift has a new boo and Calvin Harris is hashtag super mad about it. Unless you’re living under a rock you should know Taylor swift and Calvin Harris ended their 15-month relationship a few weeks ago. At first it was all fine and dandy and on June 2 Calvin Harris tweeted The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end and what remains is a huge amount of love and respect. Taylor re-tweeted this and it seemed like there was no Bad Blood. (Sorry I had to.)


Things took a sudden turn yesterday, when photos of Taylor Swift and British actor Tom Hiddleston kissing started surfacing. Harris tweeted Oh boy its about to go down with three skull emojis (um psycho much?). Harris has since deleted both of these tweets, and both Taylor and Calvin have engaged in a game of who can delete the most photos of our relationship? Both singers have purged their Instagram accounts of any trace of each other.


Their iconic beach pics? Gone forever. The picture that started it all”Taylor barbecuing dinner for Calvin? TO THE WIND. Harris even went so far as to delete a picture he had posted of Taylor’s cats. Harsh.



Sources have speculated Harris’ anger is due to his suspicion that Swift cheated on him with Tom Hiddleston before ending their relationship. A video of Taylor dancing with Tom at the Met Gala in early May and pictures of them on the beach this weekend have only served to add fuel to fire. However a source for E news says this is categorically false, and that the reason Taylor ended her relationship with Calvin was because she just didn’t Feel So Close to him anymore. (I just can’t help myself.)

Looks like Taylor isn't shedding any tears or any "Bad Blood" over recent break up with Calvin Harris.

Ok, so I feel guilty for not granting Taylor a little more privacy in her relationships, but in my defense 1) both singers made their breakup very public by deleting their photos and 2) I am uncontrollably eager for a new Taylor Swift song.

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