Dos and Don’ts of Summer Bronzer

Summer is here and if you haven’t had the chance to get away you can always fake a sun-kissed glow. We all want to avoid resembling an Umpa Lumpa when it comes to bronzers – but since there are endless choices between powder or cream, shimmer or matte, golden or brown — it’s tough to know where to start. Follow these guidelines for perfectly bronzed skin.

Finding the right shade:
This is the most important part of buying a bronzer. Take the time to invest in a product that will work for you. Avoid orangey bronzers if you’re pale skinned and opt for more golden bronze. As a guide — aim for one that is no more than two shades deeper than your natural skin tone “ anything darker will look unnatural.

This is the most popular form of bronzer and is a lot easier to apply, which makes it great for touch ups throughout the day. Powder works will for those who have an oily skin type but if you have dry skin just make sure it’s well moisturized before use.

How to: after applying your foundation and setting it with a powder, take a large brush that isn’t too tightly packed together and collect some product on the brush.

The next step is the most important! Tap the brush on the side of your hand to take some product off.

Again following the contours of your face, sweep the brush on the temples, cheekbones and jaw line, adding a little to your nose. Try not to take it product further than your eye-line as this is where your blush would go.

Cream bronzers are not the most popular but can have a stunning natural finish when used right. For this texture the most important thing is to choose one that isn’t too dark for your skin tone.

How to: don’t be afraid to use your fingers “ take the product on your finger tip and draw a line under your cheek bone. Add some more to your temple, the length of your nose and finally your jaw line. Remember; cream must go on to cream so apply this after you’ve applied your foundation or tinted moisturizer.

Using a tightly packed stipple brush blend the lines in using a circular motion until the product is no longer streaky.  This finish is stunningly sheer and nicely contours the face (making it look slimmer!) whilst adding a gorgeous glow of colour.

Shimmer or not?
This really is a matter of preference. Shimmer adds a sparkle to the skin and looks great if you’re at the beach or out in the evening. Matte bronzers are great for day-to-day wear; if you’re going to work or simply prefer a subtle look.  If you’re a shimmer addict then you know which way to go “Lancé´me have a stunning collection of shimmery bronzers. If you’re afraid of looking too much like you belong on the set of Twilight, Bobbi Brown offer an illuminating bronzer which is available in six shades with a variety of undertones. The perfect bronzer for radiating dull skin.

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