The Perfect Cheek

Whether you’re stepping out to the corner store for some milk or going on your first date, cheek colour is an important step even when going for the minimal look. Follow these easy steps for bright cheeks that get you noticed!

Aim for Adele’s gorgeous contoured cheeks. Defining the shape of your cheeks the first step to perfection. Get a contouring kit like the one by Sleek cosmetics, a shimmer-free bronzer (try Stila’s Sun Bronzer), or a compact powder 2-3 shades darker than your current hue. Suck your cheeks in lightly and sweep the colour from ear along the bone to about mid-eye using an coutouring brush. If you want sharper definition, place a credit card about a centimetre parallel to the bone, pointing towards your lips, sweep your product over the area and then slightly blend down.

A liquid highlighter like NARS Illuminator in Copacabana adds shimmer and vibrance to skin. Dab the product on your cheek bones, blending it upwards. You can either stop here for a fresh, dewy look, or carry on to blush. 

A spot of colour
“Orgasm” by NARS is always a safe bet as it suits almost every skin shade. If you’re willing to experiment, a soft pastel pink like MAC’s Fleur Power is flattering at any time of year, as is omething of the plum variety like Plum Foolery (MAC). Apply the blush using the side of your brush, instead of the tip. This allows for slower and softer building of colour to make it look as natural as possible.

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