Cheek Colour: Bronzer vs. Blush

With the onset of cream blushes and all-natural looks, does bronzer still have a place in your day-to-day beauty regimen? But instead of going overboard with artificial colour, we’ve come up with how to determine when to use bronzer and when to use blush. (Be prepared for loads of compliments about your glowing skin.)

1. What: For rosy cheeks
Bronzer vs. blush: Blush
While bronzer helps give skin a realistic glow, it’s blush that will help add dimension to your face and give you that fresh, rosy look. Just make sure to avoid the dreaded Raggedy Anne Doll inspiration: to apply blush properly, smile and use a large bush and powder, and apply to your cheeks in a circular motion. Afterwards, relax your face and blend slightly using your fingers to avoid patchiness or over-colouring.

2. What: For sun-kissed colour
Bronzer vs. blush: Bronzer
Despite the beauty don’ts of Jersey Shore, you can still utilize bronzer to help make your complexion seem warmer. To get the look, after applying foundation and powder, use a large blush to lightly dust bronzer on the areas of your face that normally see the sun: your cheekbones, forehead and slightly on the nose. However, make sure not to cake it on. Since a little bronzer goes a long way, after applying product to your brush, hit it on the side of the sink or counter to shake off any excess.

3. What: For a shimmery look
Bronzer vs. blush: Cream or gel blush
While bronzer can provide a certain shimmer, it’s the cream or gel blushes that add the silky finish defining spring 2012. Making sure to blend carefully (preferably with your fingers), dot along your cheekbones, then blend in a circular motion with your fingers to create a light, dreamy aesthetic. If you apply too much, fear not: to combat an overly glossy mistake, top with light powder to help keep things balanced.

4. What: To make matte three dimensional
Bronzer vs. blush: Either
Naturally, there are exceptions to every rule, and if you’re hoping to take a porcelain or matte finish to a new, exciting level, you can choose either product “ provided they boast a light shimmer. Since matte on matte will not provide a dewy finish, choose a cream blush or a dusting of bronzer to define your cheekbones and bring light to your face. Just avoid applying either to underneath your eyes or excessive amounts on your forehead, since that will take your look from natural to overly made-up.


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