Make Skin Oils The Star Of Your Self-Care Regime

By Alison McGill

If you want ultra-plumped and radiant skin, a serum helps, but it might not be doing enough to help you fully achieve your skin goals. Enter facial oils. Not only do they deliver incredible hydration, but dramatically improve skin elasticity and texture.

Vancouver female founded based Maater Cosmetics recently launched a new line of face and body oils that are changing the game. The brand’s four skin oils (two Space Face formulas for face, and two Celestial Bodies formulas for body) are made exclusively with earth-derived ingredients and aim not only to infuse your skin an otherworldly glow but also target issues like inflammation.

We caught up with Maater Cosmetics founder Andrea Mestrovic to learn more about the benefits of skin oils, how to use them and what makes their the brand’s formulas such a standout.

ABOVE: Maater Cosmetics Space Kappa Enhancing Face Oil, and Celestial Bodies Beta Radiating Body Oil, $60 each for 30ml, / Maater Cosmetics Space Face Alpha Glowing Face Oil, and Gamma Illuminating Body Oil, $60 each for 30ml,

Why are skin oils an integral part of every skincare regime?
“In today’s modern daily life, our skin faces constant hazards. Some of these we often don’t even think about in the context of skin health, such as traffic pollution and emissions, electrosmog (the newest threat), exposure to UV rays, environmental radiation, and more. But when skin is routinely subjected to a multitude of environmental chemicals and pollutants, a form of perpetual inflammation occurs, and this can lead to sensitivity and irritation which ages our skin. The circulation-stimulating properties of essential oils ensure the oxygen required for skin repair and regeneration is being constantly supplied. Essential oils have proven antioxidant activity which is important in helping to prevent the damage that can be caused by free radicals. But those are the benefits you don’t necessarily see immediately. What you do see right away is an improvement in skin radiance. During the winter months in particular, dry skin really benefits from the lipids in natural face oils to lock in moisture.”

What makes Maater Cosmetics skin oils unique?
“Our products are functional cosmetics. We don’t aim to replace anything in your current skincare regime, but instead amplify the good you’re already doing. We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all skincare product, but in terms of glow we think we hit the mark beautifully. Our formulations are natural, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free and made with pure essential and carrier oils like sweet almond and rosehip seed and apricot nectar to name a few. The bio-active ingredients help nourish the skin while reflective, non-toxic mica particles react with light to define the sculptural features of the human face and body.”

Is it a myth that skin oils can cause breakouts?
“Skin oils aren’t the problem here; the issue is between synthetic versus natural. Natural oils like ours are bio-similar with oils naturally occurring on the skin, which means the oils can drive the benefits deep into the skin. When skin oils are synthetic, they tend to provide superficial results on application but can clog pores as they are comedogenic.”

Do you recommending having a wardrobe of skin oils to suit your skins ever changing needs?
“Our collection of face and body oils offer a lot of great benefits for all skin types. Our Space Face Kappa oil offers strengthening qualities to help create a plumped look to the skin and reduce the appearance fine lines.  Our Space Face Alpha oil is very nourishing and helps to reduce the appearance of inflammation. But what really brings ‘skincare styling’ to Maater Cosmetics is that our Kappa formula offers a clean, healthy glow, while Alpha contains with non-toxic pearl mica particles that create sculptural highlighting for natural contouring.”

What is the product order of application when you are incorporating a skin oil into the mix? 
“It depends on what you’re looking for. In the case of our oils, they are functional cosmetics so they can work for all sorts of applications. For ultimate hydration, layer Kappa over your daily moisturiser to lock in hydration. For mega-watt illumination, Alpha can be applied under a primer for a glow base or applied on target areas like the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow and eyebrow arch.”

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