Your Guide To Coloured Jeans

Spring is here, and it’s time to introduce the freshness of coloured jeans into your wardrobe. Bright hues can free you from the shackles of neutrals, and the drabness of winter has worn out its welcome. But if you’re intimidated, fear not: there are countless ways to make coloured jeans work, and to help you get started, here are some of our tried-and-true tips.

1. Make sure they fit
It may seem like common sense, but most of us have suffered at the hands of ill-fitting pants. However, coloured jeans look best when well tailored and well fitted, so stay away from baggy styles that don’t flatter your shape. Not that your jeans should be snug: as proven by Gap’s coloured denim campaign, looser-fitting skinny styles can help foster a casual look “ provided your blouse is tucked in to avoid creating non-existent bulk.

2. Keep them cropped
Since coloured jeans create a fun, quirky aesthetic, you’ll want a style that lands slightly above the ankle “ but still long enough that they’re not capris. (It’s time to shelve those capris for a few seasons, everyone.) Retro styles are the name of spring’s game, so establish an early ˜60s vibe with a striped long-sleeve t-shirt and bright pink or indigo denim skinny jeans. Then roll your pants slightly at the ankle and pair with flats for a go-to spring outfit.

3. Use as a neutral
Your coloured jeans don’t necessarily need to be your focal point “ especially if you want to complement them with a patterned top or seasonal it-colour. Wearing a pistachio blouse with powder blue denim will create a spring-appropriate vibe through the colours’ freshness, and you’ll be upholding this season’s cardinal rule: the more pastels, the better.

4. Wear with flats
Naturally, if you’re already comfortable with the idea of coloured jeans, you don’t need to limit your footwear. However, if you’re still easing into the bright, flashy waters, start with Sperry’s or oxfords to keep your look fun and low-key. While heels usually dress up your outfit and make your pants stand out more, flats can help tone down your pants’ vibrancy if that’s your goal “ especially if they’re worn with a denim jacket and plain grey tank.

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