Beauty Items to Keep at Your Desk

Long work days and harsh florescent lights – I hear ya! Without lugging a makeup carrier with you at all times, how do stay fresh faced in the office and beautiful for weeknights out? The answer is simple- keep these multi-tasking products in the top drawer of your desk and look great under all conditions.

Concealer: a simple wand or concealer stick can do wonders in a pinch. Look for a product that has buildable coverage that can hide dark eye circles, pimples and can even double as an eye shadow base. I alternate between keeping the Cover Girl Smoothers or the Rimmel Blemish Concealer with me in my purse or desk. You never know when you need to be ready for a big meeting.

Lip balm/ gloss/ lipstick: office environments can be very drying to your skin, and your lips are no exception. Keep a lip balm at your desk at all times to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of tight and flake-y lips. Keep one or two lip glosses on hand – preferably clear for all purpose and something a bit more fun (think flirty pinks or shimmery nude) that can complete any look. And of course, as Gwyneth Paltrow says – “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick”.  Keep a lipstick on hand that can be buildable for an appropriate office look and bold evening out. My favorites are Dolce Vita and Dress to Kill by Nars.

Moisturizer: Fluorescent lighting is not a girl’s best friend. If you suffer from shiny or dry skin, it’ll be much more noticeable in an office environment. Oily skin girls- keep some oil absorbing sheets on hand and a mattifying lotion.  And for the normal to dry skin camp- keep a gentle moisturizer that can double also as a hand cream for extra impact. I like Cetaphil or Nivea Cré¨me.

Black Mascara: Eyes are the window to your soul… or so they say. Keep a tube of mascara on hand for those ‘pick-me-up’ moments. If your eyes look dull- nothing brightens like a few coats of blackest black mascara. I keep a sample size of Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash with me for those moments.

Nail Clippers/ File: Hang-nails and chipped nails are an inevitable workplace hazard! These tools are great to have around when you’ve been filing or typing all day. But of course, don’t clip your nails at work (ick)- this only for buffing down that chipped nail!

Tide to go pen: While this isn’t a ‘beauty’ product per say. It deserves an honorable mention. This pen has saved me from numerous unfortunate snack and drink spills! Plus, it’s more space efficient than carrying a back-up blouse.

How about you- what beauty products do you keep at your desk?

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