5 Habits that are Damaging Your Skin

Our largest organ does a lot for us. It holds fluid in and prevents dehydration, keeps out harmful microbes, and keeps your body temperature even. It also comes in contact with the rest of the world. Your skin braves the elements, UV Rays,  hot water, and make-up. Keeping that organ healthy matters – not just if you want a glowing complexion, but because it protects your whole body. Here are some habits you should nix to show your outer layer some love. 
Tanning beds
Crawling into a tanning bed and forcing those UV rays – that are often cranked up to levels that exceed recommended levels of exposure –  could triple your risk of melonoma skin cancer. Over time, those highly concentrated rays break down the collagen and elastin in your skin and cause permanent damage. That means wrinkles, saggy skin, and sun spots. 
Popping zits
Lancing a whitehead – the wrong way – can exacerbate the problem by forcing white blood cells and bacteria away from the zit and into the surrounding tissue. It can spread to infection and inflammation, and also cause damage to the follicle. This just drags out repair-time even longer. Seizing a zit isn't always bad though. Make sure you're hands are clean so you're not forcing more bacteria into an open pore, and don't poke and prod till the cows come home. 
Ignoring moles
If you've got a history of skin cancer, you should check your moles regularly. If you notice a mole changes in colour, shape, size, or elevation, contact a dermatologist. Some melanomas don't present n a common way, which is why it's important to get it checked out. Successful treatment is possible with early detection. 
Not washing your face before bed
Crashing into bed with a face full of powder, oil based creams or mascara can leave a toxic film on your skin that can cause irritation, inflammation and clog up your pores and result in breakouts. At night, your organs, including your skin, repairs itself while you sleep. Give it the change to rejuvenate, not absorb residual makeup, by washing and moisturizing with natural skincare products.  
Not drinking enough water
Think of it as moisturizing from the inside out. Not drinking enough water impairs the skin's ability to flush out toxins via sweat, which is an important function. When skin is hydrated, it's more flexible, plump, and resilient, and has a healthy glow. Hydration makes you less prone to wrinkles. 

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