Alexa Chung Teams Up With Eyeko

Alexa Chung is just piling up the credentials, and now — in addition to modelling, hosting Fuse News, and launching her upcoming book — the British model-slash-TV presenter will work with Eyeko, an independent cosmetics brand.

"If something excites me or I'm inspired by something, loads of ideas fall out of my head," she told WWD

She continued, explaining that upon meeting with Eyeko founders Max and Nina Leykind, that's exactly what happened: "Maybe it was the hangover, but my head was loosened up and I came up wih at least 50 things."

That's why Chung will now be advising Eyeko on products, in a very casual way.

"It's a creative relationship," she explained. "I send images and inspirations to Max and Nina and we go from there. It's quite free form at the moment."

"She'll email us in the middle of the night and say, 'Hey, what about this, such a cool name for a product,'" Nina Leykind added. "I don't think it would work if we weren't on the same wavelength."

Added Max: "We've been fans of Alexa's for a long time, and we were like, 'She's an eye freak like us.' She's as obsessed as we are." (Remember: Eyeko specializes in eye makeup.)

As of November, you can see Chung's first product collaboration with the company, which is a $45 set (featuring both her name and her art) which includes black eyeliner and waterproof black mascara.

"I'm really excited to be working with Eyeko," Chung said in a statement featured on the brand's website. "It's probably no secret that I'm a fan of of the cat-eye eyeliner flick, and after trying many different brands, Eyeko definitely is the best in creating my favourite '60s look. I love that I won't just be a face of the brand, but that I'll also get to work with Max and Nina on the whole creative process."

You'll be able to pick up her set at Sephora.

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