Lindsay and Dina Lohan to open NYC boutique?

She’s out of jail, she’s roaming the streets and she’s about to take your money (maybe): that’s right, Lindsay Lohan and her mother apparently are in talks to open their own clothing and jewelry boutique.

Just days out of rehab, the Mean Girls star has been rumoured to be embarking on a new business venture with the mother we’re all glad isn’t ours, and according to an “inside source”, “both Dina and Lindsay love the fashion industry and are excited to do this together”. (Cue: flashbacks of Lilo’s legging line circa 2007.)

The source went on to say “Right now, Lindsay loves being in Venice in her new home and enjoys the walk into town. Lindsay and her Mom will be looking for a place in downtown Manhattan as soon as her ban to travel has been lifted. For now, she’s awaiting her February 25 probation hearing and preparing for a visit from her mom and siblings.”

And this is the part where we all cringe collectively and think “bad idea, former Disney darling”. While the news has yet to be confirmed, with a history of Dina Lohan making terrible decisions and her daughter following suit, you can’t help but worry in advance that this might be yet another example of a show business family putting show business first.

But again, this time, there’s jewelry.

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