Your Fall To-Do List

After some much needed rest and relaxation during the last glorious weeks of summer, fall is here and so is a time to get things done. Whether you are back at school, or back to work, take advantage of the new season to put a productive spring in your step. Make lists and stick to them. Try those new things you never got around to this summer. Organize yourself and your home and get back into your groove.

1. Home improvements
Whether it’s sprucing up your small bachelor apartment or de-cluttering your expansive townhouse, there is always work to be done that gets neglected. Go beyond just tidying up, and give your room a new coat of paint or add some little design details that will change the look and feel. A new painting, mirror or collage can liven up any living room. Pick a project or two and stick to it.

2. Learn a new skill
Fall has always been ˜back-to-school’ time and it can be again for everyone. Continuing education classes are available at most universities and are usually offered at night to accommodate work schedules. If you aren’t feeling that ambitious, sign up for a pottery, art or photography class to learn something new and get those creative juices flowing.

3. Volunteer
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, there has never been a better time to give back. Volunteer at a local shelter or soup kitchen, and give your time, rather than your money. There are a slew of charities in your city that are desperate for volunteers; you just have to reach out. 

4. Get your finances in order
It is always good to take some time out to balance the old chequebook or to re-evaluate your budget. Collect all your receipts to do a talley of your spending. It can also never hurt to organize your documents in preparation for tax season in the spring!

5. Continue a tradition
Pumpkin picking, pie-baking, and cooking a harvest meal are all great fall traditions. If you and your family have fall traditions, stick to them this year and really make them memorable. Start a new tradition with your man or friends that you can continue for years to come. Whatever it is, make it fall-festive and fun!


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