Why Disneyland Resort is the Most Romantic Place on Earth

You’ve heard it called the Happiest Place on Earth, and certainly most children would agree with that description. But the Disneyland Resort can also be the most romantic place on earth – and that makes adults happy, too! In fact, if you do some people-watching on your next visit, you’ll probably notice just as many couples as families with kids enjoying the rides and attractions.

What makes the Disneyland Resort so romantic?

·Plenty of dark rides where you can cuddle and kiss. Snuggle up as you ride through the spooky Haunted Mansion or fly over London with Peter Pan, or steal a kiss as the Pirates of the Caribbean pillage the town all around you.

·Shows that celebrate the magic of love. Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular is a Broadway-style show that retells the familiar story of the young man living on the streets who wins the heart of Princess Jasmine and saves them both from the scheming Jafar. The sets are gorgeous and the music will warm your heart as much as the story.

·Restaurants with a romantic setting. The Blue Bayou (in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride) is romantically dark even in the middle of the day, and the tables are lit with candles. Who doesn’t look at least a little better in candlelight? Or try the Wine Country Trattoria, Napa Rose, Carthay Circle or Steakhouse 55, all great options for a dinner with the one you love. You can find frequently-updated full menus with prices on www.allearsnet.com.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis on a romantic date at Disneyland
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis on a romantic date at Disneyland (Photo: WENN)

·Great backdrops for photos of the two of you together. There are Photo Pass photographers around the parks who know all the most dramatic or dreamy settings for a photo of the two of you. Perhaps you’d like one in front of the Wishing Well near Sleeping Beauty’s castle, where you’re making a wish for a future together, or standing in front of Mickey’s Fun Wheel just before you get on the ride.

·Thrill rides to get your adrenalin going (and give you an excuse to hold each other tight). The big drops come on rides like California Screamin’ and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, but if those are too much for your tummy or your nerves, you can still get that jolt of excitement on rides like Splash Mountain (just one big drop, and you get wet!), Grizzly River Run (another chance to get wet as you race down river rapids), and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which features more high-speed twists and turns than drops.

·Brilliant fireworks and shows filled with lights and music to end your night with drama. Fireworks hit the skies above Sleeping Beauty’s castle every night. You can also enjoy Fantasmic!– where Mickey fights evil in a dream that becomes a nightmare until our hero finds a way to win out – and the spectacular World of Colour Nighttime Spectacular where water, lights and music capture the memories from classic and new Disney movies. Check out times and options for reserved seating at Disneyland.ca.

That’s just to get you started. Expect the unexpected at Disneyland Resort – you might find that your memories of cuddling on the couch in front of the fireplace at the Grand Californian, or watching the fireworks from the platform at the train station, sharing a Mickey Ice Cream Bar as you watch the Mark Twain Riverboat sail past, or stealing kisses while you soar above the crowds on Dumbo are what make this resort romantic for you. Something for everyone; that’s one of the things that makes Disneyland Resort so special.


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