This Kit Will Make it So Much Easier to Unplug on Earth Day

Doing a digital detox is not for the faint of heart. And while a few writers have accomplished this arduous task over the years for extended periods of time, I can truly barely go an hour without picking up my phone to scroll through Instastories or tweet something sarcastic. However, in the attempt to achieve #balance in my life, I’m always on the hunt for things that make this a little bit easier, whether it’s a good book that consumes me for so long that I forget about my phone (until I want to tweet something about it) or an activity that keeps me otherwise occupied. With Earth Day approaching, Saje Wellness, a Canadian brand that I’ve long since been a fan of, is helping people like myself unplug, if only for a few hours.

Saje Wellness’ Unplug to Connect set ($60) challenges you to put your phone out of arm’s reach, turn off the lights and just enjoy the night. The set comes armed with 100 conversation-starting questions (like, “how do you take time to unplug?” and “what is your number one goal for the year ahead?”), a cement diffuser, two Saje diffuser blends — Liquid Sunshine and Tranquility — and four tealights to illuminate your experience. Whether you’re unwinding with friends on your back patio or just enjoying a glass of vino with your S.O., this set will keep you entertained and your mind working beyond who’s wearing what across your feeds.

And, truly, we could all use a little push to disconnect, especially on Earth Day of all days.

Need a little extra help? Unplug your router at home, turn off all the lights and put your phone on airplane mode. You can still enjoy some tunes while you enjoy the quiet and stillness of the city during on Earth Day. You (I) may just find being without your phone the most liberating thing ever.

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