How to Make Your Home Green for Spring

Of all the seasons, people only say spring is in the air”we never really say we can sense fall, winter or summer are lofting around in the atmosphere. Maybe it’s because, like me, our ancestors who made up expressions like spring is in the air were nerds with allergies who felt the looming presence of pollen and the need to restock on ibuprofen tickling their noses. But they could have also sensed the more romantic side to the coming of spring. The way the sun starts shining a little more, the plants start blooming and people start opening their windows to let the fresh air in.

Be it your allergies, or the earth’s beauty, come March 21st. one can’t help but notice nature doing its thing. Spring is a perfect opportunity to think about how we interact with our environment and what we can do to help nature stay vibrant. Although it may seem like global warming and pollution is occurring far beyond our everyday control, our daily habits do matter. Integrating a few small changes into your household this spring can help you do your part.

Cut down on meat

Cutting down on the amount of meat you eat will drastically lower your impact on the environment. You don’t need to cut it out completely, but choosing to only eat meat on certain days, or deciding to only eat meat when you go out is beneficial.

Invest in reusable containers

It’s easy to forget how much we waste by just buying foods from the grocery store. Investing in reusable bags for picking up your fruit and veg, and using mason jars to buy flours in bulk can help you cut down on the plastic bags you’re using during your usual shop. If you need inspiration, check out Lauren Singer, who lives virtually waste-free.

Reduce the energy you use

This ones an oldie but a goodie. Reducing how much energy you use isn’t just about turning off the lights when you leave a room. There are so many ways to green up your house” be it by unplugging your appliances at night, finding energy-efficient light bulbs or keeping heating to a minimum. If you can afford to invest in making your house green, consider additions like thermal shades.

Recycle and compost

Although recycling is easy for Canadians because of easy access, composting is the next frontier. If your area isn’t already integrating compost into it’s waste collection, there are plenty of composting schemes you can invest in. If you share a compost pickup with your neighbours the charge can be minimal and, bonus, new friends!

Shop smart

Here is the perfect excuse to turn into a Class-A hipster and rock the denim overalls of your dreams. Thrifting for clothes and donating your own old ones, can easily cut down on the amount of waste you make each year.

You might already be doing some of these things, or have a million more ideas. Either way”take the arrival of spring and our renewed communion with nature after months of hibernation, to check in with your habits. What can you do to reduce your impact on the environment and make sure there is plenty of pollen to flare up my allergies next season?

Main image via Trash is for Tossers

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