How to Cure a Cold in 24 Hours

Your head hurts, your nose is running and your chest feels like there is a weight sitting on top of it. Ain’t nobody got time for that! In this dreaded cold and flu season that seems to never end, how do you kick a cold to the curb so you can get back to business as usual, as quickly as possible?

1) Hot Shower: When your nose is dripping like a faucet and your head is throbbing, jump into the shower. The steam will help you clear your sinuses and the heat will sooth your head and aching muscles. A hot bath is also equally effective, but make sure you keep your head warm in the water, which can really help expel the cold from your body.

2) Drink LOTS of water, eat a light breakfast: Chug a glass of warm water with lemon. A warm breakfast – oatmeal, or toast is a good choice. Also drink a tall glass of Vitamin C, or if possible, take a chewable tablet.

3) Steam and humidifier:  If you are having difficulty breathing from the gross sniffles and causing a sinus headache, you can remedy this with steam! Try putting your head over a steaming bowl of hot water, or with a facial steamer such as this one from Vicks. A humidifier with a medicine cup is also helpful when you are feeling particularly clogged up.

4) Light stretching or a walk: If you are not feeling too weak, some light stretching or a walk around the block is a great way to boost your immune system and to help ease your aching bones.

5) Medicate: If your symptoms are not easing up, try tackling your cold with some over-the-counter meds. Buckley’s Cold & Sinus liquid gels have proven to be helpful for me for cold and fever symptoms. But if you are in early stages of the sniffles or fighting a sore throat, try lozenges, oil of oregano, and a multivitamin.

6) Protein: Starve a flu, feed a cold. Nourish your body with lean proteins. Eat fruits, vegetables, and treat your body with healthy foods so that your body can boost its immune system.

7) Drinks lots and lots of fluids: Hot water with lemon, hot water with honey, hot water, and herbal tea will really help flush out the toxins from your body. Orange juice is also a delicious choice and can boost your vitamin C intake.

8) Spicy food: Hot and spicy soup, or curry is a good choice for dinner when you are fighting a cold. Chilli peppers, ginger, and garlic are great immunity boosters, but they can also help you sweat and clear your sinuses.

9) Take another hot shower: Before you go to sleep/ or take a nap, take a hot shower and let the steam clear your sinuses before you lie down.

10) Go to sleep: It is important for your body to get rest, recharge, so you can fight off the yucky cold. Drink a hot cup of herbal tea before you jump into bed and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Your body needs to recover and get a good night’s rest to bust the cold, for good.

Rest up, and feel better soon! 

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