How to Winterize Your Body (Because Spring May Never Come!)

Winter is here and it is not going anywhere (if you live in Canada!). So we’ve got the five ways you can keep your body in tip-top shape throughout these dreadful winter months and into the spring!

Commit to fitness

Sign up for the gym, take up running, embrace the yoga flow – whatever way you decided to do it, make the decision to commit to your fitness this winter. We know it can be so tempting to plant your butt on the couch from now until May but trust us, there is nothing worse than coming out of winter ten pounds heavier than when you walked into it. Keep your figure in check this season and get ready to seriously rock bikini season next summer.

Moisturize…and then moisturize again

Cold, windy, wintery weather, it is your skin’s absolute worst nightmare. Keep dryness at bay by stocking up on lotions for every inch of your body, including your hands and your feet. And then use it, very, very liberally. Believe us when we say that your skin will thank you for it later.

De-itch your scalp

This is the ideal time of year to switch up your shampoo and prevent yourself from dealing with an itchy, flaky scalp all throughout the colder months. Amp up the moisture content in your shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking full and fabulous and flake-free all season long.

Continue to protect your skin

Just because the sun isn’t blazing down on us with the intensity of a five-alarm blaze doesn’t mean that you can forget about the risks placed on your skin. UV rays are just as powerful throughout the winter months so be sure to continue protecting the skin of your face and neck with a lotion that includes SPF.

Meditate & Relax

What is inside is just as important as what is on the outside. Ensure that you give your brain and your heart just as much TLC as you would the rest of your body. One of the best ways to do this is through meditation and relaxation. Dedicate a set amount of hours a week to focusing on your inner wants and needs and catering to them through the winter months.

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