Better Ways to Survive Your Summer Allergies

Ah, summer! Finally you have graced us with your presence. Hot weather, warm breezes, outdoor patios. It does not get much better than this.

And then¦ahh….ahh….ahh choo!

Just when you managed to put behind you the seasonal cold that plagued you all winter and spring, you suddenly remember the dreaded downside to the summer. Allergies. Ugh.

If your first stop is usually the germ infested doctor’s office, than read on. Your doc will likely suggest the usual; an antihistamine, nasal spray, or decongestant. But if drowsiness, nasal irritation, and overall lack of effectiveness put a damper on enjoying the season, then these alternatives to the norm might be worth your time.

Au natural
Your local health food store has the potential to become your greatest resource this allergy season. Research has shown that a daily 1,200 mg dose of the antioxidant quercetin can prevent immune system cells from releasing histamine, which triggers allergy attacks.  And another antioxidant, vitamin C, may do the same thing “ researchers say taking just 2,000 mg. of vitamin C daily during allergy season can slash histamine levels 40%. Products like nettle and butterbar have also been shown to have great affects of reducing allergy symptoms.

Studies have shown that yoga can reduce allergic reactions, improve your respiratory system’s stamina, and drain mucus from your lungs. Thanks to the increasing popularity of yoga, you rarely have to walk more than a few block to find a studio and many gym chains also offer the classes as part of your membership! No gym pass? No problem. Pick up a DIY dvd and breathe your way through the season, literally.

A clean slate
Not just mere dirt, house dust is actually an amazing assortment of minute particles of bug fragments, mold spores, bits of plastic, and a lot more grossness. Yuck. Dust is a real menace in the winter when your windows are closed and your heater is fanning dust everywhere. Without fresh air, you may think you are cleaning house, but really you are just moving the dirt around your home.  Your best defense is to start the new season with a clean house and lots of open windows

Drink up
Water loosens mucus in your lungs and sinuses, making it easier to breathe. Drinking your recommended 8 glasses a day will do wonders for your sniffles this season. Coffee and tea may also help relax your bronchial passages. Studies show that drinking one to three cups of coffee or tea every day may reduce asthma and hay fever symptoms.

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