Foods That Are Surprisingly Healthy

Not all delicious food is bad for you! A good balanced diet can be include yummy ice cream (once in a while) and a kale salad. It doesn’t need to be all or nothing. Eating a variety of foods and primarily consuming whole foods (fruits, vegetables) and less processed stuff, is a good way to stay healthy.

That being said, before you turn to a strict diet of bananas, spinach, and berries, there are lots of foods that get a very bad rap – and have surprising health benefits!

1)     Pasta: Pasta has such a bad reputation with the health-foodie community. “Too many carbs”, some might say. But while it does have a lot of carbohydrates, they are complex carbohydrates that help us release energy slowly. There are lots of really great variations of pasta that don’t use overly processed flours. For example, quinoa grain, whole grain, kamut, spelt flour etc. These are delicious options and eaten in moderation, can be good to keep your energy level up- and feeling full for a longer period of time.

2)     Coffee: In moderation – we’re talking one cup a day, coffee can be considered a healthy food. Coffee is actually an excellent source of anti-oxidants and the caffeine has been known to help speed up the metabolism.

3)     Chocolate: Dark chocolate is actually a great treat at times when you are craving sweets! Dark chocolate contains lots of antioxidant properties and can also provide your body with benefits for your heart! Stick to high quality chocolate or cocoa – which often have more nutrients locked in. Personally, I love the Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt and leave a bar in the fridge for a cold, treat when I crave it.

4)     Popcorn: Air-popped corn is delicious and healthy. It has lots of fibre and can be a good, quick snack. Add a little bit of coconut oil and sea salt for delicious flavor. Remember not to go overboard with the salt and butter!

5)     Avocados: Avocados are a superfood. Yes, they do contain a bit of fat and calories. But eaten in moderation- they are very good for you, your heart (lots of folate), your eyes (lots of carotenoids) and you digestion! Avocado is full of fibre and nutrients that can also help lower feelings of stress and your cholesterol. So go ahead, spread a bit of avocado on a slice of toast to start the day or eat that guacamole guilt free!

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