The Essentials to Every Road Trip this Summer

Road trips can make some of the best memories – but these key items and tips can make a world of a difference!


Our number one tip – MAKE SURE YOUR GAS TANK IS FULL BEFORE LEAVING! Also, make sure to always pay attention to your gas gage. I know it can get exciting when the music is blaring and everyone is having a blast, but there are lots of places that don't have gas stations for miles. No one wants to be calling CAA on their road trip.

Your Best Friends

Make sure you bring along a crew you know are going to want to do and see the same things as you. Sit down with your road trip mates and plan out where and what you want to do, and how long you want to go. Make sure to have this all planned out before setting out into the sunset! Everything is more fun with your besties beside you.

The Perfect Playlist

You are going to need music to keep occupied while on the road, and this will help time fly by. You won't always get radio signal, and one of you is bound to have an iPhone, so fill it full of the latest tunes and you are set to go. Make sure to carry a mix of songs that will bring you through every boring road and through the biggest cities to get you amped up.


A bag of chips is key to keep in reach to snack on during those craving moments. A small cooler in the back seat to carry some water will be a life saver in moments where there is nowhere to stop in sight. You could also pack a lunch for your first day out to save on some money and make sure to pack some sandwiches and light snacks.

Comfortable Clothing

Road trips equal a lot of sitting in the car. This is not the time to try and break in those new tight jeans you just purchased. Don't forget to bring along a light jacket or sweater to keep beside you for those late night stops – this way you don't have to always reach into your trunk. Also, a great tip is to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off for for when you're about to jump out for a pee break.


It doesn't matter where you are heading, you'll want to document every moment you can. (Make sure to charge your camera fully before setting off.) Make sure to keep your camera beside you and handy for those amazing hill side moments, or to capture your bestie snoozing beside you.

Electricity Power Inverter

If you're travelling with a younger crowd, don't forget to bring along a small DVD player or a laptop to keep them busy. Even with our cell phones, we will need to charge these – especially for those emergency “we are lost!” map pull outs. Simply plug this into your cigarette lighter and you are good to go.

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