Say Goodbye to Your New Relationship Bulge

They say that, on average, most women will gain seven pounds in the first year of a relationship while men will normally maintain their weight. A combination of falling into a comfortable zone and eating out more often (and the fact that guys are naturally blessed with wicked metabolisms, ugh) can often result in you suddenly having to buy a whole new wardrobe and rapidly on the decline to feel less and less sexy in front of your partner. So stop the spiral before it starts with these easy tips for shedding your new relationship weight and keeping it off for good!

Start eating in

Um, hello, cooking diner together at home with your man is actually like one of most romantic things you can ever do. So do it! Opt for a happy compromise between your healthy eats and his naughtier habits by loading up on veggies and lean proteins during your meal and then splitting an indulgent dessert afterwards.

Eat on a smaller plate

If you’ve grown accustom to always filling your plate just as full as his then a quick fix is to start eating on a smaller plate. Even if you do end up piling your plate to the same height as his, chances are you will only be taking in half of the calories he is (which he will burn twice as fast anyway).

Weigh in…often

The best way to keep your reality in check in a new relationship is to continuously keep an eye on your weight. It’s easy to overlook a few (or more than a few) extra pounds when your guy is still looking at you like you’re the sexiest thing alive, but the scale doesn’t lie sister.

Don’t be afraid to go solo

We know it’s a new relationship and the two of you want to be together like all the time. But on those days when he’s having a mad craving for a loaded burrito and you know there will be zero healthy options on hand, opt out of joining your guy and make yourself something healthy at home. Then tell him you two can hang out post-burrito…although that is a risk you take all on your own.

Start working out together

You know what they say about couples who work out together? Nah, we don’t know either. But we would assume that couples who enjoy getting fit together probably not only stick together longer but probably also feel way more confident getting naked together…and who does want that? 

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