The Top 5 Crystals to Channel Your Inner Lady Boss

A young woman holds a quartz crystal sphere on her forehead; standing by the sea at dawn, Antibes Juan-les-Pins, Cote d'Azur, France.

Building a career is deep, personal work. We put ourselves — our egos, our energy, our creativity, on the line. We co-create with others. We judge, and are judged. This is mental and emotional, work — and if we work at it everyday, we need some energetic protection! We need tools just like we need our Moleskines and laptops. Crystals are small but mighty options. Here are 5 of the best gemstones for money-making manifesters.

Citrine: This is called the merchant’s stone, and it’s all about manifesting and abundance. Beloved creative entrepreneur Danielle Laporte keeps one on her desk. She calls it ˜a fantastic stone for creating. Ideas to action, action to creation, creation to prosperity¦ It’s a master stone.’ Here’s a simple ritual with citrine: Hold one in you hand and repeat your abundance affirmations (something as simple as I am valuable.) Or, keep your citrine close to your business card, or a list of what you want to manifest.

Tiger’s Eye: This is the stone Nicole Kidman wears on a necklace in Practical Magic. (Specifically, there’s that scene when Sally comes to rescue her from Jimmy and she says, Blood on the moon! Where’s my tiger’s eye? she needs it for protection). Tiger’s Eye connects you to your higher self and stimulates motivation. Use it to stay calm and protected if you work with a team or provide services to groups of people. Keep one in the north side of your home, or your home office, the centre of your career.  

Blue Flourite: This is known as ˜the genius stone.’ It’s said to stimulate creative thinking and help you work through complex issues calmly. It’s associated with the throat chakra, and so it helps facilitate clear communication. If you make big decisions day to day, or map out big plans and visions, use this to help you share them succinctly. Keep this by a candle or plant on your desk, and it’ll help amp up the calming factor. 

Pyrite: The name pyrite comes from the Greek pyros, meaning fire, because it actually gives off sparks when pieces are struck together. This coppery crystal is also called ˜fool’s gold’; it’s ideal for abundance and manifestation. Specifically, it works to support our ability to generate wealth by our own personal power (so this is one for new solopreneurs). Leave one on your planner overnight, or keep one in your bag when you’re networking.

Garnet: This blood-red stone is ideal for creatrix’s who pour their heart and soul into their work. It’s grounding (it’s associated with the root chakra), and will help park motivation and keep the magic alive in your business. Use it to stay connected to your heart and remember your why at the end of the day. Clutch a garnet in your hand and state a positive affirmation with your morning coffee for an energy boost. 


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