Bored? 7 Enriching Hobbies to Take Up Now

If the idea of personal development and self improvement tickles your fancy, pencil in some time this spring for one of these awesome pursuits. The following 7 hobbies are creative, challenging, wont cost you a thing, and could very well make you excited to stay in on a Friday night. Yeah, maybe even those hot summer ones. Prepare to get awesome!
Julie and JuliaThe Book of AwesomeOh She Glows. Cultural phenomena like these ones started off as single-person-run blogs and exploded into something much bigger (and way more lucrative). Self-starting souls who are passionate, motivated, and super nerdy about something tend to be born bloggers. Plus, it's a super accessible, free, and highly rewarding outlet. Who knows? Yours could be the next big thing. 
There are few things as satisfying as bringing seeds to life. Gardening lets you change the landscape of your backyard, grow food you can eat, bake and cook with, and give away to others. Whether you cultivate an herb garden on your window sill or plant a row of petunias outside your basement apartment, getting green on those thumbs will make your life a little fresher. Don't have any room to make a plot? Scour Pinterest and see how you can get creative with container gardening. 
Book Club
George R.R. Martin said, “a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” So, we may not be able to expand the length of our lives, but we can totally expand the depth, right? Srsly. Deeeeeep. Get together some pals and challenge each other to a summer book-binge. (We have some sassy lady-authoured reccos to start you off.) Hold meetings, complete with discussion prompts, tea and snacks. 
Here in the Great White North, a sweet camping opportunity is merely a few hour drive away. Take advantage of it while the time is ripe. The skills involved in a camping trip are many: orienteering, constellation-spotting, bird watching, fire starting, trip-planning, fishing, ghost-story telling. Take a few of these tricks up and plan a next-level camping trip with some keen pals. Or, put your mind to excelling at glamp-ing. Whatever works. 
Journaling ain't frivolous. The benefits of writing out your thoughts, hopes, aspirations, gripes, whatever, extends way beyond the relief of purging your emotions. Journalling puts things in perspective, amps up your gratitude, and lets you take control of your thoughts. Journalling rules. Don't know where to start? Start with your dreams. The ramblings of your subconscious make awesome writing prompts.
Martial Arts 
Do you want to learn how to kick ass? Break a sweat and de-stress in a super-fun, social way? Gain a new appreciation for your kick ass bod and attitude? Feel confident in your kick-ass abilities? Take up a martial art. 
Many excellent modern women have dared to question the longstanding assumptions around knitting, and proved it to be a truly badass sport. Ideal for those who like the idea of flaunting their own hand-made creations, giving away handmade goods to friends and fam, or just can't quite sit still through an entire TV show without doing something else, knitting is a fruitful and fun hobby. 

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