Your Guide to Belt Trends

The belt has always been a huge style statement in women’s fashion, and while its appearance may change from season to season, its purpose does not- that is, to be both stylish and practical. With so many different belt styles in fashion for this season, you can definitely experiment with and enjoy wearing belts paired with your favourite classic or unconventional pieces.

Thin is in: With fashion taking inspiration from all that is delicate and feminine this year, the thin and versatile belt has become a major hit. Braided, suede, leather, and metallic styles are all proving to be popular, with widths ranging from pencil-thin to about the approximate shape and thickness of a school ruler. Much easier and more comfortable to wear than the chunky, wide-buckled belts which were popular in the past couple years, the demure skinny belt is perfect for wearing over a turtleneck, cinching in a shirtdress or shift, or adding shape to a button-down blouse.

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The dominance of femininity in fashion lately has led to the bow belt, usually a satin ribbon worn over dresses and skirts, and spotted on both the red carpet and runway. The belt can be either wide or thin, featuring either a plain bow or a studded, sparkling, and diva-worthy affair. This style of belt can be tricky to wear, but looks great for formal functions or with a flowing top for a funky look.

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Reminiscent of childhood headbands, the humble elastic belt is sometimes patterned, sometimes wide, and always on trend. Try bolder colours such as scarlet red if you prefer a bold style statement, or stick to basic black if you prefer classic sophistication. Elastic belts are good for creating a slim silhouette and emphasizing the natural waistline.

S - Miranda Kerr Elastic Belt 300x400

The belt purse:
Predicted to be popular for spring (yet only time will tell!), the belt purse is a sort of modernized fanny pack. However, unlike their 1990’s versions, haute couture belt purses are slim, sleek, and compact with a trendy wallet-sized purse attached at the side.

S - Jaeger London Belt Purse 300x400

Bright colours:
It’s soon to be spring, and after months of snowy seclusion, everyone is dying to add brightness into their lives and enter the new season with flying colours. Accessories are no exception, with fluorescent and funky neon yellow, stark white, and bright blues appearing on store shelves.

S - Leighton Meester Coloured Belt 300x400

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