Spring is Coming – Quick Tips for Getting Bathing Suit Ready!

Once the first day of spring rolls around, there are only 90 days left before summer. And while after a long, hard winter you are probably looking forward to summer, summer also means bathing suit season. If the thought of putting on a bathing suit right now makes you feel as if you wouldn’t mind winter sticking around a little longer, take heart. Follow the simple tips below to get ready for bathing suit season in no time!

Step up your aerobics. If you are already doing cardio for 20 or 30 minutes a day (and good for you if you are!), try adding an extra ten minutes. This will add anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour of cardio to your routine each week, burning off an additional 500 calories or so per week (depending on how many times a week you work out.) If you don’t work out every day try adding in an additional day each week to burn even more. You’ll also be firming your butt and thighs while you get bathing suit ready.

Take a hard look at your diet. Look for the additional calories that may have crept into your diet over the winter, a time of year when bulky clothing can hide those few extra pounds. If high fat foods or sweets have become a regular part of your diet, now is the time to cut them out. Revamp your diet to make it as healthy as you can “replace high fat products with lower fat choices, desserts with fruits, and full fat dairy with their lighter counterparts. Bump up the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat to help get you get ready for bathing suit season. And don’t forget to drink more water!

Find the perfect suit. Go shopping for the perfect bathing suit, whether it is a jeweled bikini, a sports-back racing suit or a modest one piece. Find the perfect color and design and then hang it somewhere where you are confronted with the sight of it several times a day. This will give you added impetus to stick with your newly revamped diet and fitness routine, helping you to picture yourself looking fantastic in that perfect bathing suit. A great way to get ready for summer!

Buy some self-tanner. That’s right, having a tan can actually make you look slimmer and complement that perfect bathing suit. After all, most bathing suits are designed for the beach, so the colors are often meant to look prettier against tanned skin. This is absolutely no excuse to hit a tanning bed, however, Snooki. Just pick up a bottle of self-tanner and give your legs and arms a little color to get ready for summer. Self-tanner can also reduce the look of cellulite it that is a concern of yours.  

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