Trendy Plaids For Fall/Winter Season 2011

Plaid fashions are hot for fall/winter and the designs are stunning. No this is not your traditional stuffy plaid, but bold, colorful, and trendy versions of plaid that will modernize your wardrobe. This season is a fresh look at plaid. 

Plaids in the past were thought of as casual style but this season has created plaid fashions that work for day and evening. The new bold plaids and tartans go easily from daytime to evening wear, sporting bold color combinations and medium to large plaid prints. Besides the old standards of red and black, colors this season range from electric blues and reds to black and brown combos, yellows and greens, reds and greens, to combined softer tones of light blues, lavenders, and dark blue and green plaid.

Emulate the coloured plaid trend from Ashish’s Fall 2011 Collection with Urban Outfitters’ Cooperative Plaid Professor Satchel in Green, $59. Available at Urban Outfitters.

Plaid designs are not found just in shirts this season but the designs have expanded to jackets, shorts, short and long skirts, coats and slacks. Although the new designs are bold and modern there is a throw back to vintage plaid that is also refreshing with traditional styles of smaller plaid prints available in more muted tones.

Find inspiration in Missioni’s Fall 2011 Collection and check out H&M’s Plaid Double-Breasted Coat in Light Camel, $29.95. Available at H&M.

Combine a red and black plaid short jacket with a crisp white shirt and black skirt with black tie and black boots or wedges. Wear a plaid shirt with your favorite skinny jeans, paired with a plaid satchel purse and chunky boots edged in plaid. Add plaid to your wardrobe with a plaid jacket and plaid rainboots to brighten up those rainy days ahead.

Channel the crisp, professional look from L.A.M.B.’s Fall 2011 Collection with Gap’s Plaid Henley Shirt in Black Plaid, $49.95. Available at Gap.

If you are hesitant in donning yourself from head to toe in plaid, ease into it. Choose a plaid vest, skirt, or shirt and mix and match with your current fall/winter wardrobe. It is a safe idea to pair your new plaid piece with similar color tones to match up your outfit. Still scary for you to douse yourself in plaid this season? An easy way into the shallow end of the fashion pool is to check out the exciting plaid accessories coming your way. Look for plaid shoes, purses, scarves, socks, watch bands, and rainboots. 

Keep it subtle like this look from Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2011 Collection with Intermix’s Alex & Eli Plaid Trim Blazer in White, $465.19. Available at Intermix.

Beyond the new plaid and tartan designs you will find in the stores, there is always value in vintage plaid. Check your local vintage and thrift stores for plaids of yesteryear. The plaids you find in vintage and thrift stores will run more traditional but have a history behind them, saving you some money as well as adding something special to your wardrobe.

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