Sexting Etiquette: What’s Cool and What’s Not

In the modern age we live in you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t own a cell phone, let alone someone who doesn’t know how to send a text message. Take that to the next level and question how many people between the ages of 18-50 have never sent their significant other a dirty text, and you are looking at a very teeny tiny portion of the population who haven’t discovered this delectable little bit of virtual foreplay.

But all fun aside, however, it is important to remember that sexting is a socially risky activity that, when not done properly or with the right person, has the potential to harm and/or destroy a number of areas your life including relationships, jobs, and families. So in light of proceeding with caution, we have put together our list of sexting “do’s and don’t’s”. Go on, read away¦and then get sexting!


Start slowly
There is no rush with sexting. It is its own form of foreplay and we all know that foreplay is all about a slow build up. Don’t get ahead of yourself and rush to the good parts, but take your time teasing and taunting. Keep this up for hours on end. We promise you won’t regret it later that night.

Play with someone you trust
Probably not wise to send a dirty text to someone you’ve only been with a few days/weeks/months. Sexting needs to be shared with someone you are able to put your complete trust in. Otherwise you can’t come crying to us when your naughty words and pics turn up in all your friends inboxes when a relationship sours. We’ll have to say “we told you so”.

Sext if you are apart for the night
Whether you are out for a night with your friends or away on a lengthy business trip, sexting is a great way to keep the spark burning hot and remind your partner that you are always thinking of them. And you can just imagine what you “welcome home” gift will be like!

Remember to delete!
It might be fun to look back on now but when your mom decides to snoop your phone during lunch the next day we hardly think it will be quite as sexy! Always delete after each convo!


Sext someone you’ve never seen naked
This area of fun is restricted to adults who’ve already done the dirty. Sexting someone who you’ve never seen naked can be creepy and borderline harassment. Just don’t do it.

Say things you never would in person
The great thing about sexting is that you can’t see the person face-to-face. No reactions = no embarrassment for a lot of people. Until your partner asks you to “say that thing you said in your last text”. If you can’t imagine yourself saying it with confidence in person than you probably shouldn’t say it via text.

EVER use your work phone.
Need we say more? Personal texts should always be sent from your personal phone. Especially if the receiver works with you.

Sext someone who ISN’T your partner.
Politicians, athletes, and celebrities have all learned their lesson in this department. Just because you aren’t famous doesn’t mean you will ever get away with it.

Send pics that show your face!
Sure we could tell you the obvious, not to send dirty pics at all. But, well, lets be honest, you’ll probably do it anyway. So take this advice, NEVER show your face and/or any defining features on your body. That’s just asking for trouble!

Forget that sexting is an 18+ activity!
Sorry to ruin the mood, but it is always important to throw this last one in. Sexting is an adult-only kinda adventure. If one or both partners is under age.

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