Trend Alert: Turbans and Headscarves

Over the past couple of fashion seasons more bold and intricate headwear has been popping up on runways and in stores. From sparkly headbands to feathers and vintage hats, these outfit toppers are meant to take a look up a notch from casual to all out glam.

However some of the latest spring trends for the head are ornate coverings like turbans, demi-turbans and headscarves. Find out how to wear these exotic trends below!

The Turban 

Turbans have become a trend on the spring runways, but not how you’re probably envisioning them. They’re not wound up on your head in white. They are shorter and more sculpted in luscious fabrics and bright colours. Encrusted gems and jewels are a bonus.

To make sure you look amazing rather than something out of Alladin, stay away from other super trendy pieces like harem pants or bright tunics. It will get a little too costumey. Think about vintage blouses and classic pencil skirts or trousers to pull off this look. Pearls studs are the earrings of choice. Feel free to play with colour from this headgear in your outfit to make a bold statement. 

Definitely leave your hair down if you’re trying this trend out. Try creating volumous waves with simple eyes and bold lips for a glam, movie starlet look.

Get the turban look from Jason Wu’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection with Anthropologie’s Soothsayer Turban, $178. 

S - Jason Wu Turban 300x400S - Anthropologie Turban 300x400

The Demi-Turban

The demi-turban is colourful and patterned headdress similar to the turban, but doesn’t have a top and looks more like a large scarf wrapped around your ears. Usually with a bow in the middle to tie it all together, this bold but feminine piece can be worn a bit more casually than the turban.

Play up the vintage working girl feel this item brings with matchstick jeans, simple cotton shirts or sweaters, and cat eye sunglasses.  Cute and casual floral dresses can also work too.

Try pulling your hair up and through this headpiece and create volume at the crown for an Amy Winehouse inspired style that looks chic and keeps your hair out of your face.

Get the demi-turban look from Milly’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection with Urban Outfitter’s Wooden Ships Isadora Spring Demi-Turban (available in four colours), $19.

S - Milly Demi-Turban 300x400S - UO Demi-Turban 300x400

The Headscarf

Headscarves come with a number of options for styling. Colourful and flowing, you can tie your headband on one side and leaves the tails long or try wrapping it around your hair and tying it off with a bow in the front or back. Hair can definitely be straight or completely pulled back (possibly to hide a bad hair day).

The versatility of this look means options are endless for clothes and accessories, but once again avoid flowing tunics or other pieces that could make you look like a Pirate of Penzance.

Play up a safari inspired look by going with structured khaki neutrals and animal print details or wooden accessories. With strappy sandals and the perfect pair of modern shades you’ll look hotter than the desert sun.

Get the headscarf look from Salvatore Ferragamo’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection with Urban Outfitter’s Raw Edge Floral Headscarf (which can double as a great scarf), $20.

S - Salvatore Ferragamo Headscarf 300x400S - UO Headscarf 300x400

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