Summer Style: Beating The Heat

We’ve hit the dead of summer. Gone is the spring breeze, and the autumn chill is a million years away. However, it’s possible to get through the next month and a bit without succumbing to heat stroke, and here’s how to do it while maintaining your style. (No bathing suit tops worn with shorts suggested — we promise.)

summer style shorts

1. Shorts
Well, we said no bathing suit tops and shorts, so you can’t expect us to leave out this seasonal staple. It’s almost impossible to avoid wearing shorts, so if you’re hung up on the way your legs look when you wear them, it’s about finding a pair of shorts that works for you. Luckily, longer dress shorts (at reasonable rises) are a must-do for summer 2012 — especially if paired with a sheer button-down blouse and tank top worn underneath. You can also dress shorts up with oxfords or wedge heels if you want to keep them formal — just make sure the hem hits your fingertips if you’re super concerned about how long or short they are.

maxi dress trend

2. Maxi dresses
There’s a reason we’ve seen maxi dresses worn to excess, and that’s because their lengthy, billowy style will keep you feeling cool during those long summer days. Maxi dresses in loud prints, bright colours and commanding florals play huge roles in summer 2012, but you need to make sure that the top fits well to combat a look that appears unbalanced. Since maxi dresses look better with a billowy, flowing skirt, a well-fitting top (read: not too tight) will make sure you look tailored and put-together despite battling 34-degree temperatures.

crop top summer 2012 trend

3. Crop tops
We’ve been over crop tops before, and while it’s not a trend for everybody (read: this writer), it’s still something some can pull off provided your pants and or skirts are higher rise. For a fitted crop top, you’ll want to pair it with a longer skirt (no minis with this trend), while for a loose, ˜90s-inspired look, you can don shorts or pants to balance your t-shirt or tank’s billowy nature. Just avoid exhibitionism: unless you’re at the beach, you need to keep your outfit balanced or risk showing off a bit too much.

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