How To Rock 2019’s Hottest Hair Accessory Trend: The Barrette

A quick scroll through Instagram will show you that one of the biggest accessories from our childhood are back in fashion: barrettes. The popular hair accessory is holding back the locks of the biggest fashion influencers, celebs, and everyone else in between. From subtle pearl barrettes and sleek metallic clips to kitschy catchphrases, this trend is perfectly ‘90s chic. Today’s barrette styles are bold and beautiful, all while making an effortless statement. If you have yet to try out this Instagramable accessory (but have no clue how to wear it without feeling you’re back in elementary school), we’ve rounded up our favourite styles below.

Pearl Clip Set, $12

Easily one of the most popular styles is the huge pearl clip, that went viral this year for obvious reasons. Not only do they complement any outfit, they instantly add a touch of glam to your hairstyle.

Mother of Pearl, $8

If you’re looking for a style that’s a bit more on the formal side, look no further than mother of pearl. It’s delicate and feminine yet still demands attention for all the right reasons.

Wordy Clips, $29

If you want your hairstyle to really make a statement, rock two or even three wordy clips in your hair. Rest assured you’ll arrive at whatever event you have planned with the most eye-catching hair accessories there.

Faux Diamonds, $25.90

You don’t have to feel like your barrettes need to necessarily just be functional. Think of them as your way to make a statement, as proven by this oversized faux diamond set that serves as an adornment.

Mix and Match, $14

If you find you’re more of a maximalist kind of gal, mix and match your barrettes to show off your personality and for a serious hair stack.

Personalized, $35

Remember how cool you felt on the first day of school when you showed up with personalized pencils? Well, there’s really no better way to join the barrette game than with a personalized clip donning your name.

Minimalistic, $18 

As the old saying goes, sometimes less is more. When in doubt, opt for a minimal, yet bold, style like a tortoiseshell or plain black clip to pin your hair back for an effortlessly sleek look.

Main image courtesy of laisribeiro

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