Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress: What Will She Wear?

Speculation has officially begun about what Kim Kardashian will wear when she marries her fiancé©, New Jersey Nets forward, Kris Humphries. And by officially begun, we mean we just started it. She has put an end to the rumors that the she is expecting a little one so we can rule out any kind of maternity wear for a shotgun wedding. However, she has reportedly said that she wants to start trying for a baby (no doubt to be named K-something), before the New Year. Does that mean a fall wedding? If her sister, Khloe, is any indication, it will be a very fast courtship as she famously planned her wedding to Lamar Odom in just a few weeks.  

There is no way to know for sure what Kim will wear and chances are she won’t reveal it until she walks down the aisle, most likely in front an army of E! television cameras filming for a special wedding episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. We can however, have fun guessing what the reality star will wear by looking back at her personal style choices. Kim usually dresses her famous bum and tiny 5’3 frame with structured, modern and form-fitting clothing. As for designers, Khloe married Lamar wearing a Vera Wang gown, who seems to be the go-to choice for celebrities. Chances are Kim’s dress will be a one-of-a-kind made specifically for her and not available to the public.  But, below are our top 5 style predictions:

The Fiona by Vera Wang

Vera Wang Fiona Dress

Just like Kim, this dress is a mixture of structure and drama with its asymmetrical neckline up top and mermaid skirt with organza on bottom. Khloe’s dresses also had a mermaid cut.

The Francesca by Vera Wang

The Francesca by Vera Wang

There is no doubt Kim will show off her famous rear end and curvy hips for her big day, and this selection, also with a mermaid skirt, will do just that.

Simplicity by Monique Lhuillier

Simplicity by Monique Lhuillier

Nothing would show off her tiny waist and hourglass figure better than this simple white frock. It’s clean lines and close to the body, form-fitting style screams Kim.

Ambrose by Melissa Sweet

Ambrose by Melissa Sweet

Let’s be honest. Kim Kardashian is not going to get married in a Melissa Sweet dress. But, this style with the straps and a deep v-neck would be the perfect way for Kim to show off her cleavage (which she has been known to do) while also remaining well covered.

Angela Sanchez Gown

Angela Sanchez Gown

This would be a go-to Kim K style if she wanted to take a more modern, architectural approach to her dress. The strong shoulders have been a staple in Kim’s style past and the keyhole neck is sure to, once again, flaunt her cleavage.

Only time will tell what the future Mrs. Humphries decides to wear on her big day. But, if her past style choices are any indication, it won’t disappoint. And, it sounds like in less than a year we can start predicting how she will dress her baby bump. 

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    • Mstf
    • April 15, 2013
    nothing in that boy looks biracial to me. i would have never gueessd he had a black parent. the portion of the wedding i saw on ENews! with all those white drapes was a bit too much. I give them 3 years max. It just seemed a bit too forced and fast to me.. But if its really love i guess u cant exactly plan what and when things will happen.

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