Oscar History: The Six Biggest Fashion Disasters

This Sunday, one of the biggest nights in pop culture descends upon us with the Academy Awards. And while the movies are the point of Oscar night 2012, it’s the red carpet that will keep us talking. So with the spirit of fashion in mind, here are the Academy Awards’ five biggest fashion disasters. Don’t try this at home.

Bjork (2001)
Bjork Oscar Dress 2001
There’s something to be said for a woman willing to wear a dress shaped like a swan. And while the Icelandic music queen can do no wrong in her artistry, the infamous swan dress cannot be justified. (Unless worn as SNL skit, preferably by Kristen Wiig.)

Celine Dion (1998)
Celine Dion Oscars 1998
It takes a bold woman to wear a suit (read: Tilda Swinton), but Celine Dion’s backwards suit and fedora was all sorts of wrong on the Oscar red carpet. The good news is that she changed for her Heart Will Go On performance. The bad news is that she chose to wear a backwards suit.

Angelina Jolie (2000)
Angelina Jolie Oscars 2000
Evidently, 2000 was not a great year. And while Angelina Jolie earned that Oscar win for her turn in Girl, Interrupted, her homage to Morticia Addams was a bona fide don’t. Between the un-styled black hair, the black dress and the intimate moments with her brother (WHY), she almost made it impossible to stage a fashion comeback. Almost.

Diane Keaton (2004)
Diane Keaton Oscars 2004
We love ourselves some Diane Keaton, but even the queen of gentleman-inspired fashion should’ve toned down the suit, tie and pants at 2004’s Oscars. True, she’s earned her right to wearing whatever, but thanks to the gloves, hat and carnation, she looked more like a My Fair Lady extra than an award-winning actress.

Uma Thurman (2004)
Uma Thurman Oscars 2004
Another 2004 mishap, Uma Thurman’s homage to fairytales (maybe?) became a bridesmaids’ worst nightmare. With puffed sleeves, a full skirt, gold and bows, the normally fashionable actress used the Oscars to prove herself capable of dressing badly. Thankfully, she dresses well every other day.

Charlize Theron (2010)
Charlize Theron Oscars 2010
Charlize Theron can usually do anything right, so imagine the shock of seeing the rose embellishment-clad lavender gown on the 2010 Oscar red carpet. Topped by a long flowing train and wrinkled fabric, she channeled prom queen over Oscar winner “ only to reclaim her place as a fashion elite for award season 2012.

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