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Spring Fever and the Single Girl

All about hooking up casually and the way to go about it safely

There’s just something about spring that gets a girl feeling feisty, you know? I think it’s a cross between feeling the sunshine on your skin after months of being cold and covered up, combined with the smell of possibility in the air. Spring is such a hopeful and happy time and you can’t help but dream of the possibilities ahead as the days get longer and the nights get hotter. Spring fever is for real my friends! And since we know just how Spring Fever can get a gal all worked up and feeling a little restless, we’re gonna give you tips on how to, err, scratch that itch in a way that’s safe and fun!

We get that some women like a little somethin’-somethin’ without the hassles of commitment. So for you ladies who are looking for a fun fling and want to hook up casually and safely, here are a few tips to get you what you want:

Be upfront:
Be direct about what you want when trying to hook up with a guy. The last thing you want to do is lead someone on or get yourself into an uncomfortable situation.

Tell a friend:
Let a gal pal know about the guy you’re gonna hook up with complete with his phone number and address and where you’ll be. Even if it’s a last minute hook-up, take a few seconds to send a text and be safe.

Bring Your Own Condoms! Far too many women still rely on the guy to have protection which is just insane in this day and age. Don’t leave your health/life in the hands of some random guy!

Take separate cars:
When hooking up with someone you’ve just met, drive separately! If you don’t know the guy from Adam, then getting into his car is a no-no.

Trust your gut:
If you feel like something just isn’t quite right, then it probably isn’t. Excuse yourself politely and get out of there. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Besides, how much fun can sex be if you’re worried or scared of the guy!

Bonus Tip:
Using online dating sites to find guys looking for the same casual fun that you’re after is a great option for some no fuss, no muss spring flinging. Just be sure to meet someplace public initially and don’t feel silly asking for I.D.! Even a guy just looking for a one night stand will understand your need to be safe. Once you’ve done that, text it to a friend as mentioned in our first tip and be sure to follow all of the others as well.

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6 responses to “Spring Fever and the Single Girl”

  1. So freaking hot and true! love that you tell it like it is without making us seem like sluts for being open about what we want
  2. So freaking hot and true! love that you tell it like it is without making us seem like sluts for being open about what we want

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