7 Out-of-the-Box Props for Your Valentine’s Day Romp

Tired of the same ol’ fuzzy handcuffs, chocolate sauce and edible undies that you’ve always utilized to do the deed on Valentine’s Day? Well you’re in luck then because we have seven totally awesome and out-of-the-box props that will take your lovers’ day escapades to a whole other level of sexy.


A cold and delicious treat that trumps those plain ol’ ice cubes any day. Break out an old-school two-piece popsicle and each take your turn with one side, using it to make a trail and clean it up on one another’s bodies.

Hair scrunchie

Forget the cock ring, start your night out with a cute ˜do styled with a scrunchie or hair band and then later let your hair hang loose and use your elastic friend wrap tightly (but not too tightly) around your man’s penis to help prolong his pleasure.

Gummy Bears

Hey, it’s known as the sweetest day of the year for a reason. Place these deliciously sweet little treats in some of your sexiest crevices and curves and let your man know that he is only allowed to collect them with his tongue.

Silicone spatula

Been a naughty girl leading up to V-day this year? Heck even if you haven’t, a silicone spatula is the perfect tool for turning up the heat in the bedroom with a little light spanking. Nothing says I love you like a touch of pleasurable pain.

Sex wedge

Thought you had the perfect position down pat? Think again. A sex wedge is a tool that helps you achieve the ultimate comfort in a multitude of positions, allowing you to keep at it longer and making sex all-round more enjoyable. Do I hear a perfect V-Day gift for your guy?

Your phone

Play sharesies with your guys and document in pictures and videos some of the sexiest moments from your Valentine’s Day romp. Just be careful, turn on your airplane mode before you begin¦ mom doesn’t need a present as well!

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