Sexy Bedroom Games for Couples

A healthy sex life is vital for any relationship, but after awhile it can sometimes become a little repetitive. If you need to heat things up, these five games are bound to create some steam.

1) Time Bomb.
For this game you will need some sort of timing device with an alarm. If you can hear the seconds tick, even better. This game has two different ways to play. For the short version, set the alarm to go off in one minute. You each have 60 seconds to get the other charged up. Alternately, set the alarm for 20-30 minutes. In this time you both simply focus on foreplay. The only rule is that until the time runs out – NO PENETRATION. By the time the buzzer hits you’ll both be so roiled up you’ll explode like a bomb.

2) Naked Twister.
The title is self explanatory. But keep in mind that with a few kinky alterations, almost any board game can be turned into something naughty. Use your imagination and pretty soon you’ll find yourself playing some strip Yahtzee!

3) Senses.
We typically rely heavily on our sight, but with a blindfold, and a bit of creativity, everyday household items, such as food, pens, cloth, feathers, ice cubes, beads, and almost anything, can be used to stimulate the senses that often get overlooked during sex. Simply crinkling a piece of paper above different places of the body can heighten ones arousal due to the anticipation. So touch, taste, smell, and listen your way to pleasure.

4) Spicy Dice.
Though you can buy sex dice at almost any erotic novelty store, there is a cheaper method that is specifically catered to you and your partner. Create a detailed list of what each of you likes the best and number the options 1-6. Then, with of a toss of the dice, you’ll get something you’re both guaranteed to enjoy. Remember to be as specific as you can, as this will subtly let your partner know what really revs your engine.

5) Hide and Seek.
If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and a real dare devil, there is a risqué© version of a classic childhood game that you can play. Find a location and, after figuring out the map coordinates with your GPS device, text the location to your guy and wait till he finds you. When he arrives have some fun in the sun, or get laid in the shade, but make sure you have a cell phone in case he gets lost (he likely won’t ask for directions).

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  1. Avatar
    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    Love these ideas…always a good idea to try some new games to keep the relationship fresh & fun….
  2. Avatar
    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    Love these ideas…always a good idea to try some new games to keep the relationship fresh & fun….

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