Build Your Perfect Bikini

It’s about that time of year where the sun stays out longer, your shorts get shorter, and you need a new bikini. And it’s not that you really need another, but with all of the incredible teeny-weeny pieces showing up on store hangers, suddenly your six other bikinis don’t seem exciting anymore. Nautical stripes, Ikat patterns, sweet florals and pretty plaids make it practically an impossible task to choose just one. What’s the solution to your wandering eyes and the pressure to open your wallet? Don’t drop a ton of cash on a suit you’ll inevitably want to replace, whether it’s in a month or in a year.

The best way to help curb your bikini addiction? Do as model/actress Brooklyn Decker has done. As so many suits are sold as separates, buy a great-fitting black bottom that makes your assets look phenomenal. From there, every time you stumble upon a cute top, nine times out of ten it’s going to look perfect with that plain black bottom. AND you’re going to save the frustration of re-fitting your bottom (because when do bikini bottoms ever fit when we want them to?).  

Get this budget-friendly look: (top row) Roxy $45, O’Neill $39, Old Navy $19. (middle row) H&M $8, H&M $16 (white), Topshop $20 (striped), O’Neill $29. (bottom) H&M $13.

one bottom, endless tops!

Sympatico Image


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