John Fluevog’s Contribution to Air Canada Rouge Goes National

Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, if you're a flight attendant, you deserve every perk and good uniform you get. Seriously: you spend hours trapped in a small space with some of the worst people this planet has ever seen (and I bet we've sat next to all of them at some point), and have to be kind to them, despite their complaints about things like . . . I don't know. Anything. The sky. "Why isn't it light out?" – "Because it's night." That kind of thing.


That's why this is cool/welcome news, especially for anyone with a penchant for celebrity-approved footwear. As of yesterday (April 28), all Air Canada Rouge flight attendants will be wearing Vancouver-based designer John Fluevog shoes, which is part of the official Air Canada Rouge uniform. 

The custom grey styles are available for men (who wear the the "Grant") and women (who wear the "Liz" from the "Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom" line), and Huffington Post Style describes them as "Glee meets hipster." In real life, they also go for about $300/pair, so this is a serious boost to ye olde ensemble.

The existing uniforms (that attendants are still wearing) were actually unveiled last year, but it took until now for the looks to make their way to the west coast after establishing themselves in Toronto and Montreal in 2013.

"It seemed like a long shot at first with only four months before they flew their first flight," Stephen Bailey, Fluevog's marketing and communications director told the Vancouver Sun. "Airlines traditionally have a lot of bureauracy. Having talked to other airlines, we knew there are so many levels to get approval."

Around 800 attendants will be wearing the shoes going forward, so if you're on an Air Canada Rouge flight, look down.


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