4 Reasons to Get Outside!

This stupid #polarvortex seems to have finally gone away, leaving room for some of the sunshiny weather we’ve been going crazy (quite literally at times) waiting for. So now comes the time to ignore silly things like spring cleaning, binge-watching TV shows (let’s be real—you and I both know you’ve already finished every series worth watching on Netflix) and lounging on the couch and get the hell outside. The weather is warming up slowly but surely and we’ve already had a handful of patio-worthy days, so we’ve come up with some ideas to get you out of your fever-inducing cabin and get outside.

Patio party

Patios are really one of the best parts of the warm weather seasons. It makes your food taste a little more delicious, your sangria a little sweeter and the conversation a little bit more entertaining (okay, maybe that has something to do with the combination of booze and sunlight, but whatevs). Grab some friends and hit up a patio for late-afternoon apps and some drinks and stay until it gets too cool to go sleeveless. Your body will love the dose of vitamin D. Want to keep it cheap? Depending on how big your outdoor space is, invite some friends over and make some homemade cocktails and snacks instead. 


Run, walk, skip, yoga, bootcamp, tennis—whatever your particular cup of tea is, bring it outdoors. Whether you’re just going for a stroll in your neighbourhood, joining a bikini bootcamp to get ready for the impending beach season or just want to do some downward dogs in your backyard (that would be my cup of tea), just do it outside. The fresh air will do your body a world of good, and exercise is really never a bad idea.


Camping in the spring can be a little chilly, but often times it’s easier to get a great campsite since not as many people go until the summer time—particularly on long weekends. You’ll likely have your pick of some of the best sites (even those coveted flat ground waterfront sites that are never available in July or August) and it’ll give you a chance to reconnect with the great outdoors that you’ve likely seen very little of over the past few months while getting away from the city for a couple of days. Plus everything tastes better when it’s barbecued or over a campfire. That’s a fact.

Picnic in the park

Maybe camping isn’t your fare, so round up some girls or your boyfriend, make some snacks (you can even sneak some adult beverages, if that’s your speed) and go spend some time with the trees. Take a sunny Sunday afternoon, lay a blanket down and just bask in the gloriousness that is spring, before it gets too hot and sticky to move a muscle. This will give you a chance to relax, enjoy nature and get yourself away from your computer/phone/TV that you’ve been staring at all winter long. Don’t want the company? Go alone. Bring a book and an iced coffee and just chillax. And who knows—if you go alone, you may just meet a tall dark stranger with a dog who happens to be flying solo too.

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