Jewellery Trends for Spring 2010

When that first warm breeze of spring sweeps through, our wrists, neck and ears practically scream out for freedom from their woolen layers. So why not treat them to this season’s hottest jewellery?

Here’s our lowdown of the 6 big trends:


1. The men’s watch

On The City, we saw Olivia Palermo, the socialite everyone loves to hate, fawning all over the men’s watches at the ELLE shoot with Brooklyn Decker. While Olivia can be a little over the top, she does have a point. The men’s watch is a great addition that adds an extra hit of masculinity to freshen up the boyfriend blazer, which has been around for a few seasons now. It can also work with a light, feminine blouse to add a bit of structure to an otherwise fluid shape.


2. The bib necklace

The neck is the perfect canvas for jewellery art, so why not go all out with it? The bib necklace comes in many forms, whether it’s structured silver or strands of beads. This piece definitely makes a statement, so make sure to let it do all of the talking and keep your outfit streamlined and simple.

Spring 2010 Jewellery Bib Necklace 


3. Crystal

This year’s bling comes in the form of big, chunky rock crystal and glass. Its translucent, understated qualities make it perfect for layering with silver chains for an extra pop or adding multiples to really make your point.

2010 Jewellery Trends Crystal


4. Colour

Spring provides the perfect excuse to go crazy with colour. Keep it fresh by combining blues and greens with a bit of coral to really warm it up. Create the perfect showcase for your colour experiment by pairing your pieces with a crisp, white blouse.

2010 Jewellery Trends 2010 Colour 


5. Antiqued silver

While silver is always a classic, it takes a softer approach this season through a little oxidization. Whether these jewels take on a hard edge with studs or chains, or they’re accented by frills and flowers, their finish makes them look like they’ve seen the inside of your grandmother’s jewellery box for years. Take them one step further and pair them with lace for that all out Victorian look.

2010 Jewellery Trends 2010 Spring Antique 


6. Embroidered accents

Remember when you were ten years old and used to wear the same friendship bracelet all summer until it literally fell off in pieces? Well you’ll want to take better care of these embroidered gems. Their tribal influence makes them perfect for layering and pairing with your favourite pair of worn in shorts and gladiator sandals.

2010 Jewellery Trends Spring Tribal

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