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The words Haute Couture tend to spark thoughts of elegant, over-the-top fashion and high prices. The kind of fashion that most people will never be in the same room with, let alone wear. And even if the lavish designer gowns were anywhere near affordable, where on earth would you get the chance to wear such a creation? But just because couture is usually kept to the runways and the Oscars, doesn’t mean you can’t use it for day-to-day inspiration.

Check out these three extravagant looks from the Spring 2011 couture catwalk, and see how you can translate them from couture to casual in no time at all. 

Givenchy “ Structured Shoulders

This spring season Givenchy took the meaning of structure to a whole new level. The entire line was actually inspired by Japanese robots. The dresses seemed Geisha-like, with contrasting elements that almost resembled armor worn by the Vikings. The straight, pointed shoulders really make a statement and are perfectly suited for today, seeing as shoulder pads are making their comeback. You can get the same effect “ without all the armor “with a dress like this one from the Gap. The shoulders are straight and edgy, while the billowy fabric keeps the dress casual and feminine. Perfect for the office, or even a night on the town.

Givenchy/The Gap

Chanel – A Contradiction of Textures

This year Lagerfeld paired the Chanel signature tweed jacket with sequin pants. These two contrasting fabrics scream granny chic meets disco ball. Putting aside all images of your grandmother at the disco, it’s actually a lot of fun to mix opposing styles (feminine and masculine, business and bohemian, modern and vintage). If it’s done right it can look amazing. Sequin pants might be a bit extreme for everyday wear, but try a pair of sequin shorts, like these from Joe Fresh. Wear a simple, neutral shirt and throw on a cropped light tweed jacket, like this one from Zara. You’ll see that wearing an oxymoron, doesn’t necessarily make you look like a moron.

Chanel/Zara/Joe Fresh

Valentino “ Draped in Lace

Floor-length ivory and blush lace gowns seem perfectly fitting for a walk down a runway, or down the aisle for that matter. But, they might seem a little out of place for a walk down the street. Pier Paolo Piccioli of Valentino, described the collection of sheer fabrics, blush tones, and butterfly accents as subversive elegance. So why not take this subversive trend to the streets? Maxi skirts and dresses are so hot right now they’re setting the streets on fire. Try taking a dress like this one from Zara, and pairing it with a cropped jean jacket and a floral headscarf for a totally bohemian look. It’s fresh and light for spring and guaranteed to turn heads.


Sympatico Image


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