How to Pack for a Week Long European Vacay

You’ve booked a vacation to Europe, congratulations, that’s the easy part. Wait Liz, did you just say easy? You thought saving money for flights and begging your boss for time off was most of the work. Yes, easy. Every well-seasoned traveler worth their salt in Instagram vacation pictures knows that the brunt of the work is planning what you’re going to see, do, eat, and most importantly, wear. But luckily, these things are also the most fun.

The key to planning a fantastic wardrobe for your European vacation is imagining that you are the protagonist of a Hilary Duff movie. For most of the year you commute between your desk and your home, but this week is your time to shine, take as many pictures as possible, and drive into the sunset on the back of some Italian guy’s motorcycle¦ Now you’re taking this whole packing thing more seriously aren’t you? Here are some foolproof steps to making sure you’re ready for your perfect vacation.


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Find inspiration

My mom has a mantra called ˜the four p’s’ ” preparation prevents poor performance. This rule is applicable to almost every situation in life, and that includes your European vacation. If you want to a) be comfortable b) look cute in pictures or c) make some French guy on the beach fall in love with you, your outfits are going to need some forethought. Check out Pinterest, your favorite blogs and your friends Facebook albums and start saving photos of outfits you like. Look at your wardrobe and ask yourself how you can re-create these with what you have.


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Decide what suitcase you’re going to take

We’re not trying to put you in a box, but travelling is one of the few times in life you need to know your limits. And by limits we mean baggage restrictions. Check how much your airline is charging you to bring bags, and if its astronomical, consider bringing a carry on like this Herschel Suitcase, or a camping backpack. Once you know what kind of space you have you can start planning what you can bring.


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The rule of one fifth

Once you’ve found out how big your bag is, be sure to leave one fifth of it empty. When you’re traveling you’re bound to be moving around with your bags, and no one likes to have to sit on their suitcase every two days so that it will close. Bonus: leaving more room will give you the opportunity to take stuff back with you.


Plan it out

My formula for a week long summer vacation is simple. 5 tops, 1 sweater, 1 pair of jeans, 1 skirt, 2 shorts, 2 dresses (one fancy, one casual) a bikini, and one athletic outfit. One pair of walking flats, one pair of running shoes, and a fancy pair of booties that match the dress. Ok, there might also be an extra pair of shoes that I will undoubtedly try and sneak an in at the last minute. If you’re travelling for longer than seven days, or just want some outfit inspo, check out these great collages.


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The carry-on

When you’re traveling, your carry on bag is a big bonus, but be careful not to let it weigh you down. Traveling already risks making you grumpy, the last thing you need is a 5-million-pound bag that gives you a back ache, and makes you beg your friends to just sit down for a while here? Consider leaving your computer behind, and taking a small light-weight tablet or laptop like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, or just using your iPhone. Otherwise limit yourself to the essentials” your Passport, lip-balm, sunscreen, small headphones, sunglasses, phone charger, a journal and a pen, and a good book should suffice. Anything else will just weigh you down.


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Let us know in the comments bellow the one thing you absolutely need to bring on vacation with you this summer.

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